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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Wewriwa: EU1


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where we share snips and bits of amazing tales by talented authors and writers. Each week, participants sign up HERE at wewriwa.com then post 8 to 10 sentences of their work, published or unpublished (we like it all) on their own blog to go live by 9:00 AM each Sunday. Then we visit each other and read and comment, critique, encourage--all those things that do a solitary writer's heart good.
      Snippet Sunday group from facebook, not us, but many of our participants do both, is HERE

     I have a confession to make. I've been hiding behind excuses, (that I was going to look for an agent, that I was going to try for conventional publishing). I was actually scared stupid by a paralyzing case of writer's neurosis. It took a while to see what I was doing. Then it took even longer to take a step to move past it. This weekend, I'm taking a couple of steps. One of them is to start sharing some snippets from the story.
     I've decided to self-publish. :-)
     The book is called "Emmily, Unbound" and it's a contemporary romance with scifi elements. It's in First person--a big change for me.       
     Could be wonky punctuation to keep within the #wewriwa guidelines.
     I'll just start at the beginning. ;-)

The snippet:
I’ve given away everything that doesn’t fit in my car. Murphy, my little Cocker-mutt, jumps inside, taking his place in the passenger seat. After I hug my neighbor, I tell my ex-coworker, Addie—who’s come to see me off—to stop worrying. “I’ll call, really, I will. I’m not moving to another planet, you know. The mountains are only five hours away, so come visit me when you get a chance.”
     As I drive away, I’m a model of stoicism. What else do I have left? I’m not angry anymore, just sad.

 That's it for this week. Thanks for visiting! I am truly grateful for comments, suggestions, and for you taking the time to read it.


  1. I loved the snippet and wanted it to continue 🤗

  2. Well done, Teresa. I am right there with her . . . and I have lots of questions I can't wait to have answered.

  3. Great intro. Raises all kinds of questions...and that makes me want to read more. Good luck with self-publishing. I'm happy to help in any way I can. I've been self-pubbing for 8 yrs.

  4. This snippet grabbed me in my heart. She is so ready to change her life and what a dear little dog who will be her pal. . .or something. Hugs,my friend,always.

  5. Bravo for sharing, Teresa! I'm so psyched you're going to self-publish! The snippet is a wonderful hook--just enough info that the reader must have more. That includes me! :)

  6. A great introduction! I have so many questions and look forward to reading more!

  7. Intriguing start, glad she's keeping her dog, can't wait to read more. Great snippet!

  8. Teresa, yay! I'm SO happy you're planning to self-publish! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Your talent needs to be shared with the world! <3

  9. So why is she leaving? And (putting on my psychologist's hat) is there any parallel between her giving away everything and your decision to flee the world of traditional publishing?

  10. I love the way this snippet poses so many questions. Why is she leaving and giving away all her possessions? Intriguing - and Im glad she's taking her little dog with her.

  11. Lovely opening. Of course, when you say "I’m not moving to another planet" my spidey-senses instantly wonder if that's foreshadowing :)

  12. This snippet just makes you curious on many levels. Well done.