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Saturday, April 10, 2021

WeWriWa: EU69



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 This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story. Emmily is on a supply run, and Adren is with her this time.  

Last week's snippet ended with:  

     I gulp down rising fear. They’re not toys. And he’s not human. Just like the rest of them. 

     I, Emmily Wagner, have made first contact with outer-space aliens.

The Snippet:  

     I continue driving while I try to move my thoughts forward, but I can’t. Aliens. Jesus… aliens… I don’t want to believe it. It’s safer in my ignorance born of denial. 

     But now that I’ve finally admitted it to myself—what I’ve pretty much known since the get-go—I analyze why it took me so long to arrive at this place.

     I think I deserve a pass here. It was fair enough to deny it early on. Like it wasn’t bad enough to try accepting that plain-old, human criminals carjacked me right into a hostage situation. I might have flipped my lid if I’d allowed my brain to go there, to believe they were extraterrestrials.

     Back then I didn’t know them, well, not like I do now. At least enough to realize they’re pretty much like us. 

Read on to finish the scene:

     I bet we’re compatible in most ways. The important ones, anyhow.

     My heart feels like it’s skipping beats when I picture General’s body. Yeah. My brain went there. Straight to there. 

     Stop it, Emmily. Just stop…

 That's it for this week. Thank you so much for visiting and for reading. :-)


  1. Really enjoyed the snippet about how she's handling the discovery and the following thought process.

  2. LOL - Stop it, Emmily. Just stop... Fun snippet.

  3. Straight to there . . . yup, Em, you've got it bad. So enjoy it!!

  4. She's probably handling it better than I would be. Great snippet

  5. Julie Evelyn JoyceApril 11, 2021 at 10:24 AM

    LOL my brain's been "there" the whole time. I'm sure your bodies are more than compatible. You should test it out to be sure, though. :D

  6. I think Emmily is making up for lost time, now she's allowed herself to contemplate the truth. Great snippet!

  7. Yes, her mind keeps going other places so she doesn't freak out. I guess that's good in a way, but will it get her into another kind of trouble? Great snippet!

  8. Great snippet, Teresa. I like how she's talking herself into believing.

  9. Well, if they are pretty much like us, I see no reason her mind shouldn't go straight to there (General's body). As for admitting they're aliens, well, that is a big step. She had to have time to assimilate the info.She shouldn't beat herself up. Great snippet!

  10. I'm glad to have this extended peek inside her thoughts, because this explains why she hasn't figured out what will be obvious to your readers.

  11. She definitely deserves a pass. This is a lot to process!

  12. I wouldn't want to go there either. She deserves a pass.

  13. LOL! Right to there. Aliens, smaliens. She's got it bad!