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Saturday, May 22, 2021

WeWriWa: EU74



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This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story. Emmily is on a supply run, and Adren (the youngest looking alien) is with her this time. He's just revealed to her that they will harm bystanders to keep her from exposing them to authorities.

Last week ended with: I draw back my lips, attempting a fierce display of...of what? I have no idea what the hell I’m doing right now. I might be losing my tether to reality. Their assessment of my sanity is way off. I bring my hands up to my face and wipe my eyes.

The Snippet:         

   He says, “You are a good person, Emmily.” His voice is soft. He has lowered his head in what I now think is little more than an imitation of human expressiveness. “I mean that with all sincerity,” he adds. 

     What’s real and what isn’t? Will I even live through this? 

     I count as I breathe, willing myself to calm while I root in my purse for tissues. Then I clean up the mess on my face while I wonder how I’ll clean up the mess in my life.

     I mentally add tissues to my shopping list. Bet I’ll be needing more of those.

That's it for this week. Scene change coming up. Thank you so much for visiting and for reading. :-)


  1. You create the most entertaining blend of panic, fear and wry humor!

  2. I love how much her sarcasm still comes through even in this stressful situation!

  3. Make that 2 boxes of tissues - just to be sure.

  4. Love how Emmily keeps her sense of humor despite this weird situation. She's got guts.

  5. Yes, she'll be needing those tissues! Great snippet...

  6. With an alien, she can never be certain of what they really think. And, she has nowhere else to go. What a problem!

  7. She'll be needing life-sized tissues, it seems. Great parallel between her messed up face and her life.

  8. I love that she's still practical (mentally putting tissues on the shopping list) in the midst of her live crumbling around her. You paint her as totally human and vulnerable, but resilient. Great snippet!

  9. She handles her situation so well. I'm rooting for her to get her life to a happy place with or without aliens.

  10. I can just imagine her trying to go to therapy for this when it's all over. I wonder what that therapist would think? :D