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Sunday, June 13, 2021

WeWriWa: EU77

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This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story. Emmily had an opportunity to turn the aliens over to authorities, and to be free of them. Of course, she didn't, but now General is sure she is as trustworthy as he hoped her to be. This is a week later and they're on the back porch together.

The Snippet:       

     Evening arrives clear and cold. Not frost-cold, but close. I light candles to deter the mosquitos that have already made their debut. A week has gone by since he accepted me into their ranks. I’m trying to contain myself, but I’m pretty sure they all see it. This has been the best week of my life. I feel wanted, and I have a family. General has been understanding, even kind. 

     I Know I need to get it under control. My heart is out for a wild run, and there’s nothing good at the finish line.

A bit more-if you are interested.

     I’m sitting on the swing next to the rail, sipping a mug of hot tea when General steps outside. It’s just the two of us.

     “Do I interrupt desired solitude?” 

     “Oh my, no. You’re welcome out here.” 

     He sits down in the rocking chair someone has brought outside for extra seating. 

     “The stars are lovely tonight,” I say. The candlelight softens the outlines of his face. He’s watching me. 

     “You should see them from beyond atmosphere.” He says. 

     I wonder when we moved past the elephant in the room, the big, spacesuit-wearing, interstellar-traveling pachyderm. Like kindred spirits, we coexist. We simply came to accept and are comfortable with the status quo without needing to define it or say it out loud. They are from out there in the stars, sky people, and I am tethered to solid ground, bound to the Earth.

That's it for this week. Some relationship discovery coming up.
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  1. So they have come to agreement that they both know what's going on here. Glad they can finally move past it and learn to accept each other for who they are. Great snippet! Tweeted.

  2. I like how she's accepted her moment of happiness with a family she knows is temporary. Sweet melancholy.

    1. Ahh, yes. It is bittersweet. Thank you, Alexis! :-)

  3. I love the final paragraph. So many relationships are like that.

    1. Thanks, Carrie-Anne! Glad to know I captured the essence of a real relationship. :-)

  4. Love the line - “Do I interrupt desired solitude?”
    That sounds exactly as he should speak.

  5. I love they have found and easy way to be around each other. They are becoming friend, it would seem.

    1. Going in that direction. Volatile situation they're in. Thanks, Karen! :-)

  6. The emotions of their relationship are beautifully worded. Great writing!

    1. Thanks, Ed! Coming from you--that is high praise! :-)

  7. I wonder if they'd let her go back with them - it seems like she might be open to it.

  8. To see the stars from space has always been one of my dreams. It's rather doomed to stay that way in this lifetime. My inner ears were messed up by repeated infections in childhood and I get motion sickness if I go out on a rowboat!
    The new deadline will be good for me. There's been more than once when I've forgotten to put in my linky before the deadline!
    I'm late making the rounds this week because life, but I made it!
    Your post is included in this week's Roost Recommendations. I share the Roost Recommendations posts on Twitter with readers looking for their next read.

    1. Me too, Cara. Sometimes I look at my grand-kids and wonder if any of them will ever go into space.

      Sorry about your inner ears. My husband has the same problem. He had repeated broken eardrums during his childhood, but most of his came from being backhanded at the dinner table. It's a shame. He was a SCUBA instructor for decades, but his ear scarring eventually ended SCUBA diving for him.