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Saturday, July 3, 2021

WeWriWa: EU80

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. If you're in the USA, happy Independence Day weekend. If you're outside of the USA--happy July 4th--I hope you're having a great weekend, too. 

I could never have imagined how good it would feel to have life returning to some kind of normal--parades, fairs, fireworks...Still, I can't help but notice that most people still keep extra distance from others, still use the hand sanitizers that businesses offer for customers' use. The new normal... Prolly not a bad thing with the Covid variants spreading.

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This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story about Emmily, a 40-something woman, and Gen Rael, an alien who crash-landed on Earth and took her hostage until his rescue arrives. Their fiery beginnings together have taken a turn. They're on the back porch together. They've just discussed Jason, Emmily's ex-husband. Rael said that Jason was "a fool." He slipped his jacket over her shoulders when she shivered, and then put his arm around her.

Last week ended with this: My heart is racing and my stomach is doing flips. My voice is an unwanted confession when I answer, tattletale-breathy, “Yes. Thank you.

The Snippet:       

      I’m glad he can’t see my blush. Wait. His eyesight is almost as good in the dark as it is in the daytime.

     Since I’m already blushing, what difference does it make if I… Sheesh. Maybe I can pull  this off without making a shameless fool of myself. I keep my voice light, like I’m asking about something of no consequence, “General?” 

 A smile dances in his voice when he says, “You are about to inquire of something you are not comfortable asking. Is that right?” 

      So much for my attempt to feign idle curiosity. The man doesn't miss a thing.

 A little more if you're interested.

     He inclines his head but his gaze into my eyes remains steady. “Emmily Wagner, ask me your question. I will either answer with truth and honor or choose to not answer at all.”

     “Do you have a mate at home?” 

Now that is a question, huh?? That's it for this week. Thanks for visiting! :-)



  1. A very important question with the feelings Emmily has been having lately. I'm curious as to how he'll answer, too. Great snippet!

  2. That's certainly a very revealing question!
    She calls him 'General,' but in other snippets he's been Genrael or Gen Rael. Having trouble deciding which it is?

  3. "I will either answer with truth and honor or choose to not answer at all." - I really really like this line. Says a lot about him.

  4. Agree with those above - his line about answering with truth and honour is a fabulous one and one that we all should use in our daily lives.

  5. Good question, good for her in being bold enough to ask. Great snippet!

  6. That's an excellent question. :-)

  7. An important question, especially since they are sitting so close together.

  8. That is definitely a good question, and hopefully has an equally good answer. ;)

  9. That is a question! I want to know the answer,too. :)

  10. What a powerful question! No wonder she's embarrassed to ask. And yet how wonderful that she wants to know! Great snippet!

  11. That is a good question since I think she's falling for the general.

  12. Does she really want to know the answer, if it's yes?

  13. I love this line:
    "I will either answer with truth and honor or choose to not answer at all."