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Sunday, September 12, 2021

WeWriWa : EU 88


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This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story about Emmily, a 40-something woman, and Gen Rael, an alien who crash-landed on Earth and took her hostage until his rescue arrives. Their fiery beginnings together have taken a turn. They're on the back porch together. Emmily and Gen Rael are discussing falling in love.

My last post ended with this:   

      No. I’m way overthinking this. Even Mr. Perfect-English-As-A-Second-Language occasionally makes a mistake with verb-tense. I’ve probably just not caught one before today. I mean, he mentioned at the end of his search for her. He’s still looking…

The Snippet:       

       I ask, “You’re sure you’ll find her?”

     “Every search reaches fruition, one way or another.”

     The words form, but I bite them back—that we can’t always have the fruits of our search.

     I ‘m sad for him, that he doesn’t have that in his life, his best friend. And I’m sad for me, because I lost mine. 

     Okay, I didn’t lose him; I made an error. And maybe Rael’s right. I need to forgive myself for that. 

     “I gave up hope, once,” he says. “Then my work became the focus of my life, but...”

A little more if you're interested

     He grows quiet. I don’t know what’s causing his hesitation.

     He leans my way and nudges my shoulder with his. Finally, he says, “Maybe there is hope after all, Emmily Wagner.”

     Hope. It stirs inside of me. Dear Lord, how I hope… 


     I'm sorry for my prolonged absence. I have my fingers crossed that life will get back to some kind of normal now. My husband just had a third surgery in five weeks. It culminated in 11 days in the hospital on potent antibiotics that brought about acute kidney failure. Doctor visits and visiting nurses are ongoing. It's a reset for sure. Grateful to have him back home with me. Thanks for visiting! Have a good week!


  1. There must always be hope.

    Good heavens on the medicals issues you and husband are facing. Stay safe. Take care.


  2. It sounds like he definitely has someone in mind, but she's not picking up on it at all.

    I hope your husband is on the road to recovery now!

  3. Great excerpt! You and your husband will be in my thoughts!!

  4. Sending best wishes to you and your husband. I hope his recovery goes smoothly now and quickly. Enjoyed the snippet!

  5. Seems like they're both skirting around the obvious, but not wanting to be the first to say so in case they're wrong.

    Best wishes for you and your husband. I hope there's light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. Enjoyed the excerpt very much. I hope your husband continues to improve every day.

  7. And I have hope for them as well! Prayers for you and your husband. Loved the snippet! Tweeted.