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Sunday, October 17, 2021

WeWriWa: Snow Angel--A Holiday SHort Story


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This is from a WIP, a holiday short that's a second-chance romance. This one has a bit of a scifi element. Working title is "Snow Angel". I'm continuing where I left off last week. Eva, the female MC, is in her mid-seventies.  Caroline is her niece.  We're in Eva's POV.


     She raises her brows as she tilts her head forward, like she’s dealing with a seven-year-old. “Then who left the tracks in the snow? They lead from the porch right out to the feeders and back again. And since you’re the only one here…”

      It is tempting to play dumb. Honesty will lead to that worn-out discussion about me moving into a senior care complex. Then I’ll tell her that senior care is nice way of saying old folk’s home. It’ll go downhill from there, right to her telling me they don’t want to, but since I told them about my visiting spaceman, they doubt I can continue living on my own. They think I can’t discern reality from make-believe anymore. 

A little more if you care to read on:


      I stare at the Christmas tree on the end table. There’s no good way to handle this. It’ll end like it always does, with her famous, parting words. “Besides, Jim says finances dictate we do it sooner rather than later.”

     She thinks I lie to her anyway. Even so, the truth is always the right choice, even if she doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to hear it. Goodness knows, I didn’t believe my star man when, he appeared at my door two weeks ago. So how can I expect her to believe?


     That's it for this week. Thank you for all of your kind and supportive words last week. And thank you for visiting! Have a good week!



  1. some bittersweet sentiments in the snippet. Love the title!!

  2. Julie Evelyn JoyceOctober 17, 2021 at 8:53 AM

    Aww, my heart aches for Eva. :( I appreciate that she keeps telling the truth even though it'll only make her seem delusional. Nice work, my friend!

  3. Mid-70s IS too young for a retirement home. Eva sounds pretty sharp to me. And when she talked about her "star man" I immediately started playing David Bowie's Starman in my head. :) Great snippet! Tweeted.

  4. She might be a bit confused, but there's an agenda behind the push to get her in the home. :-) Thanks, Jenna!

  5. It's all very intriguing and I enjoy her thought processes! Great snippet.

  6. So frustrating when you tell the truth but no one will believe you.

    Sorry I am so late getting here.

  7. Unfortunately as people get older they're often treated the way Caroline treats Eva

  8. Great snippet. I'm glad Eva is telling the truth, even though it might make her look crazy.

  9. Lovely snippet. You can feel all of her emotions in that last sigh.