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Sunday, October 31, 2021

WeWriWa Snow Angel: A Holiday Short Story



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This is from a WIP, a holiday short that's a second-chance romance. This one has a bit of a scifi element. Working title is "Snow Angel". I'm continuing where I left off last week. Eva, the female MC, is in her mid-seventies.  Caroline is her niece.  We're in Eva's POV. Last week ended with this:  

       I can’t stop the deep sigh, my chest expanding then falling. I’m so tired of this argument. “He was here.”

This week's snippet:    

     Without looking at me, she pulls cans of tomato soup and a package of crackers out of the bag. She adds a box of instant potatoes, and two pouches of beef gravy mix to the crackers and soup.

     I’m grateful that she brings me groceries, but I hate that mushy, old-people food. Has she forgotten I still have teeth?

     Caroline folds her reusable shopping bag into a neat little square, then tucks it into her designer purse.  “You know, you don’t have the best record for being…mentally stable. It’d be easy for people to judge you as being off your rocker—and I mean that in a clinical sense.”

      That’s no lie. Crazy old Eva, the nutcase who already had one round of amnesia, decades ago. How is it that no one remembers the kindnesses a person has shown, the good they’ve done?


A little more if you care to read on:    

     But the bad things stay right there, waiting for a reminder, for a reason for the tongues to start wagging all over again. It’s a sad commentary on human nature. And I don’t think it’s ever going to change.

     Oh well. It doesn’t matter what they say. Now I know where those memories went. Zhomas told me.

      I’m not a nutter. Never was.


     That's it for this week. Thank you for all of your kind and supportive words. And thank you for visiting! Have a good week!



  1. I love your older heroine! And I can relate. I'm in that "Why did I come into this room?" age group.

  2. Intriguing hook at the end here - there's an explanation. Trouble is, I suspect the truth will convince everyone else she's mad!

    Nancy - I'm in that category too. I find it helps to backtrack to wherever I was before and retrace my steps. That often jogs my memory.

  3. Eva is so right about people remembering the bad about others (especially the elderly) and not the good. And having just celebrated another birthday, I certainly feel for her! Great story so far! Looking forward to more!

  4. I like the older heroine, too. Great excerpt!

  5. Enjoyed the snippet! It's an intriguing story all right.