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Friday, February 24, 2012

You are It!

This is a sort of mini-bloghop. :-)I was, "Tagged--you're it!". by Rebecca Hoffman.  She is a very talented young woman who looooooves to edit. :-)  The idea is to get people to visit other people's blogs, see what they are up to, and to share the blogosphere.  Rebbecca asked me to answer some questions--which makes this game of "it" easy and fun.  She has provided the writing prompts by asking the questions. Here goes:

1. What is one "mistake" that has changed you the most?  Changed me the most?  There was a time when I should have stood my ground and made people give me answers.  I took the high road in stubborn silence.  Now, I don't just walk away.  There is something to be said for clearing the air.
2. What is your dream car?  This one is easy... and I am not hard to make happy.  Since the first time I saw one in the early 90s, I wanted  a Chrysler LeBaron convertible. Red.  I have had one since 1998.  It spends winter in the garage, sunny days in the summer I drive it to work.  I fancy it to be our "old geezer" car, lol, the one that old couples tool around in while younger people cuss under their breath--wishing we'd drive faster ;-)
3. What one thing do you wish to achieve in your future? Humble...I want to get a few books out there, and I want to have readers email me and tell me that they cried, they laughed, they stayed up all night to finish the story...
4. What inspires you? Arthurian Legends I have read, old love stories, the ocean, the stars...the thing that makes us humans hopelessly vulnerable--love.
5. Do you prefer to write with a pen, pencil, keyboard, or some other utensil?  The wise guy in me wants to say..with my toe...in the sand on some distant shore :-)  But...I do prefer the keyboard for getting the job done. I love cursive for short notes inside cards. Or for love notes to my husband. :-)
6. If a multi-millionaire offered to buy you one thing, what would you choose?  I would like an old farm--a bit more rural than where I live.  I would build a pond, hiking trails, get horses, build cabins and then invite  underprivileged kids for two week summer camp vacations.

7. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?  Write. Get outside and listen to the birds, check the gardens and flowerbeds, walk on the community trail, take photographs...
8. Do you sing in the shower or dance in your living room?  During a very rare mood, perhaps both  . :-) I like to do my singing in the car or at work. (I work alone most of the time :-)

9. Quick, write down the first song lyric you think of!  When I read this the first time, the same dang lyric came into my head!  "I'm singing in the rain...just singing in the rain...what a glorious feeling...I'm happy again." lol, I don't even know if those are the correct words! I picture Gene Kelly a man dancing around a street light.  Here:  Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain  I think the last question about singing in the shower did this to me, lol..so if you watch the youtube...it will probably get stuck in your head too.  Ah well, there are worse songs to get stuck on...   ;-) 

10. If you could share one bit of advice with the world, what would it be?  You only go around once--and there are no dress rehearsals in life. This is it.  Chase every rainbow you can.   (And you may as well sing in the rain while you are doing it ;-)
Now, I am going to alter this just a bit--because I know how busy people get, If you want to do this, then please, consider yourself tagged.  Just leave me a comment below so I can find your post and read about you. 
1. Tell me what you think of love--is it overrated or underrated?.
2. Dogs or cats?
3. If you could have either a helicopter or a bulldozer to play with for a day...which?
4. What is your earliest memory?
5. Your favorite book?
6. Can you name all of your primary school teachers?  
7. Are we alone in the universe?
8. What do you think when you look up at the stars?
9. Are you a little bit "off" when the moon is full?
10. Does the Cadbury bunny really lay eggs?
That's it--you can see that I was really grasping at straws there at the end.
Thanks for reading.  Leave me a comment--love to hear from you. 


  1. Great answers! I'm chasing all the rainbows I can. I'd love an old farm too. That sounds really nice.

    I just did one of these tag posts today too. I'll answer a few of your questions, though. :)
    2. Cats.
    3. Helicopter.
    4. Sitting in the sink and chewing on the plug when I was one year old.
    5. The Harry Potter series.
    7. No.
    9. I'm a little off all the time!
    10. No. It's magic!

  2. Hi Christine. :-) From one "helicopter girl" to another--your answers are awesome! Those early memories are odd--so fuzzy, you know. #7...totally agree with you :-) 9...love the brutal honesty ;-) #10...ahhh...magic is everywhere...and the Cadbury brand of magic is particularly wonderful ;-)

    Thanks for visiting and playing along :-)

  3. love-something we desperately search for in our need but come to realize it is either a very rewarding or a very destructive want.

    do'nt make me choose between my 4 legged children. love them all for the laughter they bring me.

    helicopter-no doubt (if I was wealthy I would own one along with a pilot that could fly the thing)

    feeding my baby brother gun cleaning fluid instead of cough syrup (resulted in an emergency room visit) :-)

    Hundreds of books to choose from but will have to go with my very 1st adult book "The Curse of Mallory Hall". I am sure it would not live up to my standards today but it stuck with me all these many years.

    Miss Dobson, Miss Bicker, Miss Bradley, Mrs. Brose, Mr. Atkinson? Miss Bradley (funny the only one I am not certain of is the 5th grade male teacher) wonder what that signifies? :-)

    You would have to be the dullest or the most narrow-minded person to think we are the only living creatures in this vast universe.

    "BEAM ME UP"

    Am I "off" if I howl at the full moon?

    I imagine a chocolate bunny can lay whatever it desires. (I will be there to gather and gobble them up) :-)

    (any other questions of a personal nature, I will see you in May) bunches of love and hugs!

  4. Posting my answers now- I like this bit of blog mingling!

  5. marsy--oh, that is a bad first memory... You poor thing. You were just trying to mother him, no doubt! Ouch...
    The teachers...I had to sit and think about that one. I can't name them all...sister mary so and so, sister mary slap-my-knuckles-with-a-ruler, Mrs Schnur, Mrs Brose, Mr Hutchinson (is that who you couldn't remember)Mrs Dzura (English--loved her!) Mrs Cypher (married to my cousin)Miss Bradley, Mr Atkinson...I think that about does it. :-)
    Who said, Carl Sagan, perhaps? "If there is no one else out there, seems like a terrible waste of space."
    Beam me Up--there is no intelligent life down here? Have you see the movie, "Paul"? A lot of prefanity, but it is funny...and the little space man is amazing --the special effects. The philosophy tossed around in that movie, covered in humor just kind of made me feel sad, though.
    Yes! I will load up on chocolate for May :-) Big, big hugs to you, dear friend :-) !