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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Weekend Writing Warriors March 19, 2017

Hello fellow Warriors (and Snippeteers)! First, a short note about sidebar promos.  :-) Sidebar promos spots are available at no cost as a perk of regularly participating in Weekend Writing Warriors. If you're interested, all we need is an email from you that includes the link to the Amazon page of the book you'd like to see on our sidebar. Our email address is: wewriwa at yahoo dot com

  It's time for snips and bits of amazing writing by talented writers! Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly bloghop. Each week, participants sign up HERE at wewriwa.com, then post 8 to 10 sentences of their work, published or unpublished, on their own blog to go live by before 9:00 AM Sunday, EST. (We check signups to remove links when we don't find a wewriwa post--to save our participants from clicking on empty links--so please have it live by 9:00 Sunday morning--eastern USA). Then we visit each other and read, comment, critique, encourage--all those things that do a solitary writer's heart good.  
                This week's snippet:  Moving ahead in my WIP, jumping many chapters to give you a glimpse of the male MC--a very complex soul. He is alien, capable of reading minds, and Lily has just had an argument with one of his Chays (sort of like monks. They care for him and help with his task on the ship.) The argument was ugly, and Theusand disciplined his Chay upon his return to his quarters. In case you don't recall, this is Lord Sand, and no one may gaze upon his icy blue eyes without first being invited by him to do so.

"Theusand slid his hood back, revealing ice, and then looked at Lily, seeming to study her. His expression was unreadable and terrifying at once.  “Walk with me.” 

Fear overrode Lily’s knee-jerk response to tell him to kiss her Earth ass, too. What did it matter? He'd known it as soon as she'd thought it, and from the look on his face, he didn’t like it one bit. She followed him out the door.

He slowed in the hallway, motioning for her to walk near his side. “You are not a Chay who is vowed to serve me, to be at my beck and call, and to follow at five paces. You will walk only one half step behind, nearly beside me.”

Wow--he is generous, huh? Only a half step behind. Bet she doesn't like that one bit. :-) 
 That's it for this week. What works and what doesn't? I'm grateful for every bit of feedback you share.