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Saturday, January 26, 2013

6SS-What's next? 8sunday Weekend Writing Warriors

January 27, 2013 marks the end of an era, the Six Sentence Sunday era--of little note to most of the parade of life traipsing by.  But among that parade, SSS had its few, its loyal, and now at its end, its very grateful participants.  Fortunate, I count myself  among them.

And something else that this date denotes is the changing of a guard, the figurative lighting of the torch by new keepers of the flame.

Six Sentence Sunday was such a beautifully simple idea.  You show up at their site, read the rules, sign their list (each week) and then go back to your blog and post your six sentences on Sunday.  Then you visited other people who had signed the list and done the same, leaving words of constructive criticism, encouragement, inspiration.

Writers helping other writers.  It's a beautiful thing.   <------ My favorite Twitter post.  And that is exactly  the spirit that this "Sentence Sunday" posting embodies.

Writing can be an incredibly solitary pursuit. I'd venture this:  It must be a solitary pursuit, at least for stretches of time, sometimes lengthy ones.  And coaxing writers out of their virtual caves once a week to say hello to each other is such a beautiful and beneficial thing.

And it can be a reality check.  Let someone else lay their eyes on a few sentences of your work, and you might gain precious insight.

With that all now said, and looking forward, I am happy to share our news news with other writers in that parade of life, and with anyone who wants to give it a try, join in on the fun, feel the camaraderie.

In essence, what Six Sunday was, will continue.
Here I note that the owner and admins of Six Sentence Sunday in no way endorse wewriwa (or any other site), nor is their logo for sale or available for use by others.

Marcia Kuma of Lettergo , Dana Renelt of Idiots and Earthquakes and yours truly, are continuing the Sunday postings, and invite others to join us by signing the linky-list at Weekend Writing Warriors .  That is www.wewriwa.com

The rules are much the same as our much enjoyed Six Sentence Sunday, with the exception that we have upped the sentence limit to eight sentences per post.

We are planning a giveaway for our first Sunday posting on Feb 3, 2013.  It is a random drawing based on participation. That's all you have to do to qualify--sign up and post your eight sentences to be included in the drawing.

And we'd love it if you followed us on  Facebook Weekend Writing Warriors  and Twitter Weekend Writing Warriors Hashtags #wewriwa and #8sunday 

With Weekend Writing Warriors, we've striven to do something different--a complete departure from the Six Sunday name is most easily notable.  Yet we hope to keep some aspects the same, the most important of which is:  the kindred spirit among the writers who frequent the site and postings.  

And we want all of the SixSunday admins to know how grateful we are for all their time and effort, and what a good experience it's been for us.  And please know that our gratitude is immeasurable for having been given the opportunity to meet so many authors and writers.  One of our goals is to keep that opportunity alive for others.

Thank you ladies, from the bottoms of our hearts. And best wishes to all of you on your writing careers! 


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