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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am grateful to have been recognized as a versatile blogger, and given this award by Harleena Singh. Harleena is an excellent  writer who concisely informs her readers of carefully researched subjects, and generously shares her expertise developed over ten years of freelance writing experience, here: FreelanceWriter.com  Thank you, Harleena.

I met Harleena through Twitter, and after reading several of her articles, was impressed with the effort and professionalism she put forth.  I have become a fan, and invite others to do so, as well.

The difficult part of this award, for me, was to choose to whom I will pass it on.  I read very many blogs, and certainly have developed favorites among them. In no particular order, here are the fifteen I am passing it on to.

Jan aka Biertjuh58  from The Hague in the Netherlands, has a cool blog that always makes me wonder about things I might have never given a thought about before I read his blog.  He is intelligent and, often, amazingly candid.

Debbie Maxwell Allen writes a blog "Writing While The Rice Boils"  that is not to be missed.  It came highly recommended to me by another author.  Debbie shares news, links, information, and resources for writers--all in a "voice" that makes you feel as though a friend is giving you advice.

The Septugenarian Journey is the place where Jay Squires shares his tips (I think he might be letting secrets slip) on how to critique writing. I have learned so much by reading Jay's blog about how to critique the work of others. And in the process, have gained preciuous insight into my own writing.  He infuses his own brand of humor into his posts that leaves me smiling, feeling as though he is a friend.

Fantasy Island Book Publishing  is the company that accepted one of my books for publishing...and of course, I think they are wonderful, and read JD's blog to keep tabs on the goings-on there.  JD not only owns FIBP, but is the author of several published books. His books on Amazon are here

Deborah Riggs Previte is the Bookish Dame at the Bookish Libraria  She reviews books for the "sheer joy of reading and sharing" but I have come to count on her for very in-depth analysis, full of insight, and references to other works.

The Best in Fantasy Blog written by Connie J Jasperson, is a round-up of book reviews for books that Connie loves. Some gems of wisdom float around her reviews.   Connie   not only reviews books on her blog, but is the author of "The Last Good Knight", and "The Rose Tower"

Fresh Pot of Tea  written by Alison DeLuca, is full of insight into the world of a full-time writer/editor and stay at home mom.  Author of The Night Watchman Express, she works as an editor for Fantasy Island Book Publishing.  Her blog invites you to sit down, relax, drink a little tea, and read.

Philosophies of a Young Heart is written by Danielle Raver, author of Brother Betrayed.  She also works as an editor at Fantasy Island Book Publishing.  Her blog offers insight, tips and advice on writing, as well as musings on life.

Daniela writes Idiots and Earthquakes where she includes snippets of her world, the things that baffle her, and book reviews where she candy-coats nothing. A writer/novelist in the making, she offers views that have opened my eyes and my mind a time or two.

Debbie aka "the doglady" blogs at The Dog Lady's Den  where she shares her passion for all things dogs and music. She also shares musical insight at Debbie's Musical Muse on facebook.

Janette Dolores writes a blog about family and spirituality. It is a wonderful respite from traipsing through the online world, taking care of business.  Great gardening stories, and a quaint reminder of life as a mother of small children (far far in my real world rear-view mirror).  AND, she "introduced" me to Debbie Maxwell Allen's blog.

Dani Love shows off her great talent in art and photography on her blog, and for good measure, includes snippets on the things that make up a life...

Second Sight is a blog written by Diana, a  person I've come to admire for her perspective on daily life, and her forthright way of conveying her philosophy.

The Five Corners written by Marjaan is a blend of writing inspiration, sharing philosophy, and words set down by baring her soul as she writes.  A kind person...like so many of us who wonder about humanity...where it is going...

Seeing Stars is written by my Zigzee...she does not write often, but her writing is heartfelt and wonderful when she does.  So, she makes my list of who gets mentioned in this award. :-)

Shaperate  is written by AnnMaRou and is just this collection of random writing genius. Odd little snippets that display amazing talent.  The posts really don't seem to have continuity, but is just plain cool to read.

Ralph  blogs from the Philippines, and he is truly a versatile blogger.  I have learned a lot about their culture from his posts, and enjoy reading about his family.  He shares his love of Yahweh without being preachy.  A wonderful glimpse of the other side of the world from where I am...

Rena Nightingale deserves this award as well.  And I have to thank her for awarding me with this several months back when I did not have the time available to respond.  I love the fact that Rene refers to herself as a "storyteller", rather than a writer.  Awesome gift--a teller of stories.  It seems to elevate it to a different level, a more personal one. She has been of her blog for a bit, but I just heard from her, and she is back on her game and ready to "tell stories".

As my list shows, there is a wondrous variety in my selections.  And the choices were very personal, not based on any hard and fast criteria.  I like the blogs I have included, and for many, have developed an online fondness for the people who write them.

Now, I am going to break the rules.  For anyone so inclined to follow, there are three:   

  • Thank the person who awarded it to you, by linking back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself in your blog post.
  • Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs (contact the owners to let them know too!)

I am going to skip 7 things about me. I have a profile with a lot about me ;-)  And I had to pass it to 18.  This took quite a bit of time...so if anyone does not pass this along, I won't hold it against you :-)  Just accept it in the spirit in which it was given.

And if you care to check out the 18 on my list, great! And if you follow any of them, even better :-)


  1. Wow, thanks for the mention! As a loyal fan that means a lot to me!

  2. Hey Teresa,
    It's Julie from 4everland...lol. Now that I've got your site bookmarked I will continue to read what you blog about. Jan has gotten me interested in reading blogs. I especially love his but maybe I'm a little prejudice? heh He is a good writer. Can't wait to read more of your blogs!!

  3. You are welcome, Connie. I love reading your reviews, and the genre is quite near and dear to my heart. :-)

  4. Well, hello, there, miss Julie 4-ever :-) Good to see ya, girl! I hope you start to blog too. And your mom--with her beautiful flower gardens...she could start a gardening blog specific to her climate.

    I get such a kick out of Jan's blogs. He has such a unique perspective...I sometimes wonder if that is the European perspective. I sometimes see that in Debbie (Doglady's) blogs and posts on facebook. I think I must lack a real dose of multiculturalism. Jan must be sleeping now. I hope he enjoys this post, too :-)

  5. Dear Teresa,
    You can't know how much I appreciate your thinking of me and how important it is to me today in particular. I've been second-guessing myself lately, wondering why I have so few "followers" and thinking maybe I've been chosing the wrong books, or maybe my way of reviewing isn't working. Your note and kind words have just renewed my spirit. Like you, I'm a writer as well as a reader...and it's easy to discourage our "muse."
    Thank you more than I can say for hearing me and for giving a nod to the truth of my heart I try to share with other booklovers.


  6. Thank you so much, Teresa. I'm honored to be included on your list--and thankful I've found your blog as well!


  7. HI Teresa,

    Thanks so much for the kind words, and you deserved the award!

    I am so glad you passed on the torch to others, which I know is no easy task! I can't wait to check out your 15 blogs.

    Thanks once again :)

  8. hi teresa, congratulations... you definitely deserve it... Yahweh bless

  9. Wow, what a pleasant surprise, Teresa! I'm honored to be mentioned on your list. And you're welcome about Debbie Maxwell Allen's site. Isn't she great? Very informative and a top-notch sharer of information.

    Congrats on receiving the Versatile Blogger award and double congrats on having one of your books accepted for publishing! How exciting.

    Have a lovely week ahead.

  10. Hi Teresa.

    Congratulations for the 'Versatile Blogger' award. You deserve it!

    Thank you so much for the mention. I feel it as an honor, more so since I picked up blogging just a few months ago.

    About the 'European' thing you mentioned? I don't know what that is. In all honesty I just blurt out the words that pop into my mind.

  11. Dear Teresa,
    congratulations I am so happy for you!! I'm very glad I found you and your wonderful blog on the www (Or did you find me..? tee-hee that's cute!) and I am really proud to be mentioned amongst all these fantastic blogs - gotta check them out one by one! But now: It's Schnitzeltime! :) Have a nice day **

  12. Hello Teresa:
    I'm honored that you would consider my blog, Second Sight, worthy of the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so very much. Being recognized by a fabulous writer such as yourself is indeed humbling.
    Again, thank you.

  13. Deborah, I am so glad that the timing was just right to renew your spirit. I think we have to look at page-views and just accept that many readers don't leave comments, and many, many, readers never click to follow. I am sure that they enjoy your reviews nonetheless, and appreciate the time you spend reading, analyzing and then offering your thoughts. I know that I do :-)

  14. Thanks, Debbie...I do so enjoy your posts! I just read your latest a couple of hours ago. :-)

  15. Harleena, you are welcome, and thank you again. This was fun...and I learned a few things along the way. :-)

  16. Ralph, thank you...and you are on the list. You soooo deserve an award for being a versatile blogger. Please, accept it in the spirit is given, and pass it along. You are a great blogger! Blessings to you as well...

  17. Thanks, Janette, and you are welcome---you deserve this! Did you get to try the crock pickles? :-) I love to read about your family, your gardening, your writing...

    Debbie, yes, her blog is wonderful. Thank you again for the recommendation.

    I think that was a pick-me-up on a low day. :-)

  18. JB, lol, you are welcome and thank you. Oh, there is a great divide running between things American and things European. My goodness, just ask your sweet Julie about the difference in European cut swimsuits vs American swimsuits ;-)

    Really, I gain perspective from reading your blogs, and from reading Daniela's, and Ralph's and Harleena's, Debbie (from Canada), Sue Mac's from Australia... Sheesh, shame I can't just go on and on and mention all of the blogs.

  19. DasNuk, :-) I am so glad that we found each others blogs. Really, when we consider just how many blogs are out there...that the chance of any two bloggers finding each others blogs and enjoying them must be infinitesimal. I love your style, your perspective. You have a keen mind and a sharp wit :-)

  20. Dianna, your words humble me...thank you. Your inclusion is well deserved. When I think of your blog, the post about not an average day comes to mind. How well you drew the reader in to the lull of a normal morning, and then work, the security alert, a shooter on campus, the lock-down...and the sense of surrealism that it could happen again at your school. Keep writing :-) If you have time, you could pass this along to others :-)

  21. Love it! Thanks for the mention. :-) One of these days I may even get my muse back and actually write something myself, LOL. You and all the other great bloggers are an inspiration, Teresa. Thanks again!

  22. Thank you beyond words Teresa for bestowing my blog with the Versatile Blogger Award. And giving me such a lovable and sweet introduction. You have been great to me and to have you as a reader is itself an honor. Thank you for being a model writer youself with tons of empathy and sociable skills that make you one of the best bloggers and writers I have encountered on the web..

  23. Debbie, thank you...glad you love it :-) I hope that your muse returns and you once again fill the Dog Lady's Den with great posts on a regular basis. :-)

  24. Marjaan, you are such a kind soul! If there were such a thing, you would get it--"The Kind Soul Award". You have been great to me, and such an inspiration. It is too easy to become self-absorbed and be all business when posting blogs. But you are a reminder that we have to keep the soul bared and pouring forth the very human side of ourselves. We don't write to see how many "pageviews" we have...we write hoping for comments that we have touched someone's heart, made someone weep, or even tickled someones funny bone... So, "Thank you" :-)

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