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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Weekend Writing Warriors: Across the Night Sky 32



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I'm very close to asking my editor to put Emmily, Unbound into her queue. By the end of the weekend I will send that email.  And I admit, I. Am. Scared. To. Do. It.

Moving forward. Last week Veronica and Aurora pointed out that readers might not enjoy reading about real bodily functions. :-) I revisited that in my ms. and changed last week's snippet to reflect that change. The drool remains, though. :-)

This is a snippet from a WIP entitled Across the Night Sky. 

This is --I'm not sure what it is. lol. Space Opera. The romance is central. It is not HEA at the end of this book. (There are 4 books in this universe). It is a story of different cultures, different alien races, intolerance, and the tenacity of an abducted human woman dragged across the galaxy. Oh, and her love story with an alien man destined to be a ruler.

Marissa, abducted human, 20-something, is with an injured 'alien' man, Kuylerh. I'm in a new chapter. Kuylerh's rescue has arrived and once again, she's being abducted, but this time it's by his group. She's just had something used on her to subdue her.

Last week's snippet ended with:  While the old guard took a seat at what had to be the controls, her thoughts became a silent prayer. Please, wake me from this nightmare.


The snippet:


Where she sat, Rissa could only see out the little window beyond the controls, but she became surer by the second she wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

Kansas? She wasn’t even on the same planet.

Facing her abductor—that’s what he was after all--since  he’d taken her against her will—she couldn’t turn her head away.

Beyond him, through the tiny window, darkness was broken only by distant stars. In the pit of her stomach, something worse than nausea was going on. Flutters, then quivers, then it did a wallop of a somersault. Despite all the muscles ignoring her, her eyebrows were working just fine, lifting higher and higher. 

What a sight she must have been, her disbelief transforming into sheer terror right there in front of her kidnapper.  

Her mind raced. They really weren’t human, and that wasn’t Earth. 

A few more lines:

A sour taste rose in the back of her throat. Acceleration pushed her back into her seat. How had this happened? At the point of hysteria, she managed to make a sound. It was the best her paralyzed voice could pull off, and it didn’t sound at all like she was screaming for help.


That's the snippet. Thank you so much for visiting. This is a WIP so comments are especially appreciated. :-)