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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 1

It is coming close to the witching hour and I have not yet written my opening sentence.

NaNoWriMo, for those who don't know, is this: NationalNovelWritingMonth .  And if you read about it, you will learn that the focus is output...on just getting it written. I will eschew the edit, have no rewrites this month, just 50,000 words separating me from this moment--and finishing the novel.  <Hangs head> except for the 22 pages left of the novel I am almost ready to submit... this week :-)

Forgive me for what appears to be procrastination, lol  it is not! Life is just...really busy.  Hectic 40+ outside of the home, compounded by being summoned to report for jury duty at week's end. Oh, if I am chosen my work schedule will be a pickle... <sigh>

And I have been busy here: The Gingerbread House another blog I have that celebrates the joy of gingerbread and people getting together at Christmastime. If you check out the blog, you will get tips on planning and hosting your own gingerbread house party.

Okay, I am ready to go write now. :-)  Such is the life of people driven to write.  Sleep deprivation is just part of the territory.

<she mumbles as she switches gears> "Wonder what my novel will be about..." ;-)

New post tomorrow :-)

Or...I can just add to it tonight.

The novel is called, "Whistlepig Hill" General Fiction,