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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Weekend Writing Warriors: February 5, 2023


Happy February. I'm a firm believer that Punxutawney Phil lies. :-)

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I've jumped back to Lily's story formerly referred to as Dai Klavven. That name is changing, but I haven't chosen the new name yet. For the time being, it will remain just 'DK'. 

So, moving forward. I'm working on finishing DK. My muse is being awfully quiet though. :-(   In this excerpt--the setup: Lily has been saved from the Bulragers by a "Sand" named Theusand. Sands can speak mind to mind. They are still traveling toward Theusand's home world, Tebrig, on the ship Lily was imprisoned on, but she's no longer in the lower level as a prisoner. She and Theusand are visiting a remote world where people are in hiding. Tonight, after dinner, they sit around in candlelight, telling stories and imbibing. 

Last week's snippet ended with: “Children… We were all children then, relishing the innocence of a world unchallenged by hatred or greed. Our world was a garden, and peace and love were the crops we grew."

“It is where our beliefs were nurtured, that we can work together and survive, that we can be kind to each other without fear of fault or weakness, that we can forgive the trespasses by others on our goods and our hearts, and most of all, that we can love without end.

“These beliefs all live in my heart as much as they live in my mind.” His eyes came back into focus as he looked again at the children sitting around him.  “They must live inside of you, each of you, and you must carry them with you all of your days, wherever your garden may be.”

Lily couldn’t have turned away if she’d wanted to. It was like a child’s story, for no real world could be so beautiful, so peaceful, so full of wonders, or could it?

“It was.” Soft as a whisper, Theusand’s words filtered into her mind, and drifted like a lullaby with the images of what it must have been.

Lily sat in silence, basking in the spell he’d cast.

WIthout warning, a thunderous voice boomed, shattering the tranquility. "Then evil came to our lands!” 

Someone has changed direction of this tale... That's the snippet. Thank you so much for visiting. This is a WIP so comments are especially appreciated. :-)