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Sunday, March 20, 2022

WeWriWa: ATNS10



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I'm working on edits for Emmily, Unbound--the book I've been sharing excerpts from for a long time. While I'm doing that, I'm going to share snippets from a WIP entitled Across the Night Sky. 

This is an Alien Abduction Romance.

Kuylerh, the 'young king' of an Empire called Rialt on the other side of the galaxy, is supposed to be finding a mate, a woman to be his queen. (he's been at it for almost a year.) Instead, he's been hunting with his guards, drinking, and chasing wild women.  

He's waiting for the prey (abzions--a vicious, local animal)to approach. Meanwhile he's musing on how unfair his task (finding a mate) is. He's a bit of a 30 year old brat--and he has a streak of arrogance. He does have a good side. I swear. You'll see a bit of that soon.

Last week ended with: Pressed back out of view again, he couldn’t stop his thoughts from roaming. All his life, his decisiveness had been a strong suit. Yet this task before him made him vacillate between controlled fury and near-despair.

This week's snippet:

Finding his queen... 

Camouflaged as a choice, in reality, it was little more than fulfilling an obligation--taking a mate to bear his children. 

That was countered by a painful desire that hurt every bit of him when he allowed it to surface. Love.  He longed for real, natural, and spontaneous love. He didn’t just long for it; he deserved it. He was heir to the throne, after all.

His thoughts went to Abraxum, to the old guard's displeasure with how long they’d been searching. Kuylerh was sure Abraxum was reacting to  the pressure of Daekartha’s anger-fueled demands. Even from far across the night sky, the high King had a way of imposing his will on anyone.

To a flaming eternity with choosing for the sake of duty.

A little more if you're interested:

He’d happily give up the whole heir-to-the-throne thing. Maybe he’d be a professional hunter… and a professional drinker. And, considering his talents, he should add being a professional womanizer, too.  Probably something he shouldn't be proud of, but he’d be good at it.

That's it for this week. Thank you for sharing comments---especially when you catch something that isn't quite right. Thanks for visiting! :-)