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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Weekend Writing Warriors May 27, 2018

Happy beginning of the summer season--here in the USA. Also, this Monday is a day of remembrance for our military service members who gave all in service to their country.
 FYI, from:Memorandum for the Heads of Exec Depts and Agencies Subject: White House Program for the National Moment of Remembrance 
3 May 2000 
"Accordingly, I hereby direct all executive departments and agencies, in consultation with the White House Program for the National Moment of Remembrance (Program), to promote a “National Moment of Remembrance” to occur at 3 p.m. (local time) on each Memorial Day."To remember and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many to provide freedom for all."
It's time for snips and bits of amazing tales by talented writers! Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly bloghop. Each week, participants sign up HERE at wewriwa.com, then post 8 to 10 sentences of their work, published or unpublished, on their own blog to go live by before 9:00 AM Sunday, EST. Then we visit each other and read, comment, critique, encourage--all those things that do a solitary writer's heart good. 
             Snippet Sunday group from facebook--not us, but many of our participants do both, can be found HERE
            This week's snippet is from "The Sands of Dhor".  Lily, abducted from Earth by alien slavers, is with Theusand. He's not a slaver-- he saved Lily, sort of.  He's Dhor'en; they communicate mind to mind. 
            The slaver, Dev Areen is demanding that Lily (he claims as his property) be returned to him. Theusand just proved that Lily can communicate via mind to mind, therefore cannot be enslaved.

Last week's snippet ended with:
“Captain, I am sure this demonstration met all requirements of legal proof.
Please forgive creative punctuation used to stay within wewriwa guidelines. We continue from there:

As he turned toward Dev Areen, the man’s eyes looked huge in his small head, like a frightened mouse. Stammering at first, he finally squeaked out, “I have confirmed she is as the Sand says, I-tellekti.”

Turning his killer eyes on Dev Areen next, Theusand said, “Do not try me. If you lay a hand on this female again, your heart will stop beating. Do you understand?”
Lily recoiled at the sensation accompanying his words, his voice like a sharp steel blade cutting through her mind. If they were as painful to the slaver, she couldn't tell.

Dev Areen puffed out his chest, made a show of yacking-up something in his throat, then spit on the floor at Theusand's feet. His evil grin returned, but this time it looked forced. He spun on his heel and then strutted away.

I don't think it's over with that disgusting creature. That's it. All opinions greatly appreciated. :-) Thank you so much for visiting and
for commenting!