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Saturday, May 21, 2022

WeWriWa: Across the Night Sky 18



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I'm working on edits for Emmily, Unbound--the book I've been sharing excerpts from for a long time. While I'm doing that, I'm going to share snippets from a WIP entitled Across the Night Sky. 

This is an Alien Abduction Romance.

Marissa, abducted human, 20-something, woke with no idea where she was. After running from the metal box she woke up inside, she finds an open doorway. She stepped through and discovered she wasn't alone. She's with an injured man. There are predatory animals roaming the darkness. She's waiting, watching, worrying about being attacked again. Last week ended with this: " She looked into the darkness, focusing on nothing while she thought it through. In the end, she decided he was in no shape to hurt her anyway. "

The snippet: 

At some point, exhaustion took her from the vigil she was trying to keep.


Quiet sobbing at the doorway woke her from much needed sleep. It was the woman and child she’d sped by in the corridor. With her finger to her lips to communicate a need for silence—she motioned them in. They soundlessly ushered past her to a spot against the wall. There were now four of them seeking refuge from the beasts and what other threat might come.

There was a tug at her calf and then the golden-eyed man patted the floor beside him. She sat down next to him again in the half-darkness. He put his fingertips to his forehead and said, “Kylerh.” Then he touched his fingertips to her forehead and paused. 

A little more to complete the scene.

She said, "Marissa.” 

He repeated her, sort of. “Rissa.”

As tired as he was, she did her best to return his smile. “I see no reason to correct you. I don’t think we’ll live long enough for it to matter.” She went back to watching the direction from which the beasts had come.