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Monday, January 23, 2012

Really? Reply Delete

Oh my! Too funny!  Please, someone tell me that after each comment, the opportunity to replay or delete has just been added. Please?

Lolol...really, laughed out loud.  For almost a year I have been replying to comments at the end of the comment thread-not immediately following each comment.  And as I replied to comments tonight, thought about what a great feature they have added.  Now people won't have to scroll down the page to check for replies to individual comments.

Hmmm...then it occurred to me that I have not seen any announcments about rollouts of new features.

And then I thought again about what I do for a living--and have done for a couple decades.  I am a paid observer of sorts.


Have they really been there all along? <blush>


  1. I think this is a new feature if you upgrade to the newest bloggi version - when you're in your dashboard or someplace it will ask if you want to. I love this reply thread thingy too, but when I tried to add it to my blog, it seemed like it made my page get stuck and I couldn't scroll down. So I'm ignoring it for now, even though it seems great and I see other people have managed it. I'll try again in a while..

  2. Melissa, you made me feel so much better :-) Thank you!