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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Each Season, a Song

Inspired by my front-porch sitting yesterday, and watching the stars come out. The leaves have all but flown away. And in their place? The sky...

Each Season, a Song

Rumbling thunder, raucous march,
sweet, spring tune.
Buds sprawl into leaves.
Peekaboo, shy moon.
Green, summer canopy,
wind-ruffled roof 
of shade. Shadows waltz
 with sun-dapples. Blink. Poof!
Where hung three-season leaf,
autumn wind (a dirge) cast far.
Yonder, naked sky... and one
twinkling star.

Teresa K Cypher
Copyright 2013
all rights reserved


  1. That's really wonderful, Teresa. You've painted a beautiful picture!

    I hope you're having a nice Tuesday.

  2. Thanks, Dana! It was a nice day, thank you. :-)