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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Last Day of Summer Spot

It is said that a "picture paints a thousand words."

Sometimes the words don't actually fit the story. lol

The last day of summer... We took the dogs for a ride to a nearby park. The weather was gorgeous, trying to fool us into thinking that summer will linger and winter may never come. But Dave and I have lived far too long to be fooled into believing such things. Not that our hearts aren't willing... :-)

As we rounded a bend coming up the hill from the boat launch, the frame of trees, sky, and water was unavoidable, begging for a camera to be pointed its way. All it needed was something to tug at the heart. Two old people sitting on the bench, holding hands.

Well, since there weren't any old people around (wink wink) Dave and I had to do.

He sat on the bench, holding the dogs' leashes. I put the camera on the roof of the car and set the self-timer for the longest possible setting--10 seconds. Sounds like a long time, huh?
When I pushed on the shutter button, I'd yell, " Okay!" Then as I ran to beat the band toward the bench, Dave counted out loud, "Ten. Nine. Eight..."

Five photos later, along with one photo of a woman's retreating silhouette, and one photo of the same woman who could have just as easily been playing baseball--hanging onto the right side of the bench as she is rounding first heading full-tilt for second, there are only photos of Dave, alone on the bench.

We traded places. I guess I'm not the sprinter I used to be. Wait...I mean I'm still not the sprinter that I never was. ;-)

Dave must have worn his running shoes. Two photos later, we got this shot.


  1. Aww, beautiful photo and sweet story! Yes, last day of summer. Looks like it was a good one, we had a gorgeous day too.

    1. Thanks, Ian! Glad you're getting some good weather, too. :-)

  2. Lovely photo! Our last day of summer here in Sacramento was definitely like the first day of fall. After triple digit weather for a few days, suddenly yesterday the temperature fell to the 70s. Mild instead of hot. It was very refreshing, to say the least.

  3. Holy cow--triple digit! I'm so glad it has cooled down there. It was much cooler here today too--finally. It's funny, though, how after such a long, hot,muggy and buggy summer, how chilly it feels outside right now. It's 58 F :-)

    Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth!

  4. Great photo. You two look so relaxed. Lol. Ten seconds is not a lot of time. I can envision the scramble.