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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekend Writing Warriors October 15, 2017

Last call for First Page Reviews sign ups. The linky-list will close at the end of today. This is an October-only event where writers post the first one-thousand words of their novel or WIP. 
          The idea is simple--you post your first page or so--up to a thousand words. It's good promo if you've got something published that you'd like to get readers' eyes on. Or, if you share something unpublished, you get some feedback, and find out if readers would turn the page and continue reading.  Sign up here by clicking on: The First Page Review . On to this week's wewriwa.
            It's time for
snips and bits of amazing tales by talented writers! Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly bloghop. Each week, participants sign up HERE at wewriwa.com, then post 8 to 10 sentences of their work, published or unpublished, on their own blog to go live by before 9:00 AM Sunday, EST. Then we visit each other and read, comment, critique, encourage--all those things that do a solitary writer's heart good. 

             Snippet Sunday group from facebook--not us, but many of our participants do both, can be found HERE
            This week's snippet is from "The Sands of Dhor". 
Lily, abducted from Earth by alien slavers, is following Theusand. He's not a slaver.  He's Dhor'en; they communicate mind to mind. 
            They've left the section of the ship where he and his Chays (monks) are quartered. They've arrived at what she thinks might be the helm of the ship she's on, and there's a crewmember there--a different sort of alien. The last sentence last week was a thought that Lily had about Theusand aka Lord Sand: "
It’d take an idiot to prolong a meeting with the man who thought he was Lord of all."

The excerpt:

They moved away from the small group that had gathered a short distance away.  “Could he read my mind? I heard his thoughts,” Lily said.

“No... he is a lower, incapable of anything more than conversing. ”

“Like me?”

His brows furrowed. “Like you, how?”

“You know—like me—a lowly ‘lower’?”

His face relaxed, probably when understanding registered. “Right now, by definition, you are a lower, but if we reach an agreement, your classification will change.”

That's it. Please forgive creative punctuation used to get it to a semi-natural place to pause (and forgive the crazy formatting that Blogger is subjecting this blog to). 
 All feedback appreciated!


  1. What kind of agreement? I'm very curious as to what he has planned for her. :)

  2. And I wonder what else will change when the agreement is made.

  3. "Lowly lower" - loved that! Enjoyed the snippet...this is such a fascinating world you've created.

  4. Ditto everyone else's comments. Can't wait to find out what Lord Sand is up to.

  5. Interesting... but what kind of agreement?

  6. This is an intriguing story. It must be difficult having to censor one's thoughts to stop other people 'hearing' them.

  7. Ooh this is such an intriguing snippet, looking forward to reading more!

  8. Hmmm, he's making her an offer? Now to find out what that offer entails. Can't wait!

  9. "If we reach an agreement," huh? Sounds like it's in his power to make a change, and he wants her to go along with his wishes.

  10. Well this is an interesting twist. I wonder what he wants her to agree to?

  11. A lowly lower? How much lower is that? Fascinating snippet.

  12. This is an intriguing development. Just what sort of agreement is he hinting at?

    Sorry for being tardy to comment. Blame *#@!@ LAX for getting me home a day late.