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Saturday, March 21, 2020

WeWriWa: EU21

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     I hope you're all practicing safe social-distancing. And I really hope that none of you feel alone in this. We're all in it together...
   Sending out virtual hugs to all of you. <3
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     This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story.  To read a compilation of all snippets posted for this story, click Here: Emmily Unbound, Chapter 1        Emmily, the main character, has lost pretty much everything in the last twelve months: her marriage, her parents, her job, and her house. She and her dog, Murphy, are moving to an old hunting camp her parents willed to her. It's remote, in the mountains of Pennsylvania. After arriving at near dark, she saw someone in the woods at the edge of the yard. She's survived the night and had no intruders.

     There could be wonky punctuation to keep within wewriwa guidelines.  
     Last week's snippet ended with this:  
This is everything from my past I’ve deemed worthy of sharing space in my new life. My new parentless, husbandless, jobless life.
  Continuing from there... The snippet:    

     Losing my job… that was the final nail in whatever it is that holds life together. In my case, the nails were being pulled out one at a time until it all fell apart.

     Unpacking several totes and organizing the essentials takes up another hour. I slide the rest of the boxes into the little bedroom, my room from forty years ago. I’ll go through them later when I’m not swimming in emotion—as if that day will ever come...

     Several bottles of water later, and a recently unpacked box of kitchen supplies, I have a fresh pot of orange and spice tea. The first morning of my new life, I take my breakfast of a cheese omelet and a travel mug of tea out onto the porch. Murphy follows me. The front steps are a perfect dining room chair, and my lap serves as my table. Murphy has already wolfed down his eggs and now sits staring at me, his eyes pleading for some of mine; like always, he wins.

     Okay, it seems like things have settled down. She's at ease all alone up here in the hinterlands of civilization. For how long? ~evil laugh~ 

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  1. Cheese omelet and tea sound like a perfectly acceptable breakfast. Or lunch or dinner. I'm the sort who likes "breakfast" food at all hours.
    This is a very relatable character. I got fired from my job as a homecare nurse three years ago when my diabetes started getting worse and I was also extremely sick with a serious respiratory infection. I'm no longer able to work outside the home. I like doing freelance work but it's a real struggle financially. I also still struggle with the fact that my job defined me for most of my life and I tend to gauge my personal worth on how much income I'm bringing in.
    Take my verbal vomit as meaning that this was a good snippet. It touched a nerve!

  2. I didn't need your evil laugh to be able to categorize this snippet as the calm before the storm.

  3. Oh yes. I do believe more trouble is about to happen. YIKES!

  4. Yes, I agree with what Ed said about the calm before the storm. Everything seems a little too peaceful.

  5. She's working to build a new life in this cabin. I like your illusion to the nails being pulled apart. Her life has been torn apart. Now she has to build it back up.

  6. Guess she has a weakness for Murphy if she was willing to give up her breakfast. Virtual hug for you as well during this strange time.

  7. Enjoyed the snippet, like her sense of accomplishment at getting things done and having some control over her life...briefly, I guess, until the Evil Author throws her a big curve ball LOL.

  8. I assume this is the calm before the storm, but at least she's had a chance to sleep and eat.

  9. Dogs and tea make everything better. Hope you let her enjoy the moment a while longer!

  10. I always worry when things get too calm in a story. Trouble is a-coming.

  11. My dog does the same thing, LOL. She always wins too. I'm looking forward to these excerpts.

  12. This sounds suspiciously like the calm before the storm. I'm glad she's settled down, gotten things sorted out and had breakfast. She's probably going to need it! Great description of her moving in day!

  13. What Jenna said! The perfect moment about to succumb to uncertainty and chaos. Plot twist!

  14. The phrase “the first morning of my new life” really touched me.

    Keep smiling,