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Saturday, January 30, 2021

WeWriWa: EU62


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     This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story.She and her dog, Murphy, have moved to the mountains of Pennsylvania into an old, remote, hunting camp her parents willed to her. On her first day there, along a desolate road she's been forced at gunpoint to haul a wounded man and his 'crew' to her house.A week since the abduction has gone by. She's making a supply run. Kade--one of the aliens--has gone with her to make sure she doesn't contact authorities to alert them to alien presence.Last week ended with them arguing over what she wants to buy at a sporting goods store. Kade is not giving in, to allow her to purchase the bat.

     The snippet ended with:     

   “We appreciate what you do for us. There is no plan to harm you for any reason. But we do need you if we are ever to see our home again.”

        We continue from there:     


      I don't respond. It’s best I don’t say anything because I’m not in control of my emotions right now. Feels like they’re going sixteen different directions. I'm immersed in hostage thoughts. What should I do next?

     Kade sticks the key in the ignition. “Drive home, Emmily.”


     As I pull away, my mind is a pit of worry. I have no control over anything. And today’s purchases for General are surely for nothing good.

A few more lines to finish out the chapter: 

       I can’t imagine them wanting to dissolve stumps or sour the ground around the mountain laurel, let alone use charcoal to brush their teeth.

      As I drive, bits and pieces are starting to come back to me—when I researched homemade black powder for my column. How much trouble can they make with the amount they bought today?

      Once again, I miss my phone. But Kade is unyielding in his obedience to Mr. Phone Thief. He won’t even let me text Addie. 

     My phone… I’d have this figured out in no time at all…


 That's it for this week. Thank you so much for visiting and for reading. :-)

            The working blurb for this story:   


After losing everything that bound her to her ordinary and happy life, Emmily has one plan: move to the mountains and never-ever give her heart away again. But everything goes sideways when a UFO crash-lands nearby, and on a desolate road, she’s waylaid by men demanding help for their injured ‘General’. He’s confused, bleeding, and sweet Lord, good looking—even while sneering and growling at her. 

     Fleeing an ambush meant to kill him, Gen Rael is gravely injured when his ship crashes on Earth. The human woman his crew captures to aid them is a confounding mixture of terrified, defiant, and captivating. A female distraction is the last thing his hindered mission can afford. But this Emmily woman is cutting through the steel wall he keeps around his heart.

     Despite being their hostage, Emmily isn’t blind to the peril they’re in: there’s a threat coming from the stars, and it’s lethal to all of them, including her.
     And her simple plan to never-ever fall in love again? Looks like that’s in peril too…



  1. Well, she's no further ahead. Hopefully being at home will give her some clarity as to what's going on.

  2. Hoping that all is well with you and the loved ones.
    Please safe.

  3. I've often asked DH: 'What ever did we do before the advent of cell phones?' We use them for EVERYTHING. I understand her need to find answers - and to call Addie! Nice snippet.

  4. I resisted cell phones for a long time - now I can't imagine being without it. Her frustration at not having it is real.

  5. Black powder doesn't sound good, but surely they are trying to go home, wherever that is. I think she need to be extra sweet to the 'General'.

  6. Her need for her phone and her assumption that it would have solved everything rings so true. How things have changed our world. Maybe they are the real science fiction!

  7. Can definitely feel her frustration. Great snippet.

  8. I'm not sure if her phone would help her discover the ingredients needed to power an alien space ship (my guess) but I can relate to how she's grasping at straws. I predict a show-down approaching.

  9. I don't blame her for wanting the phone back!

  10. Seems as if she's thinking a little more cogently now, which is a good thing in her situation! Can't wait to see what her visitors are making!

  11. The purchases they made are a bit random, but I too think they are trying to make some kind of fuel to get them home. I know she's very frustrated with them and her situation. Great snippet!

  12. Sounds like she is almost remembering what she needs to.

  13. So many problems in stories would be non-problematic if people had cell phones. It's almost enough to make me hate the things.

  14. I'm eager to see what the men are making.

  15. Feeling out of control is the worst. Fortunately, Emmily seems rather level-headed.
    A friend of mine has been diabetic since childhood. He has been battling throat cancer. A nurse was sent to his home and took over doing his blood glucose tests and injections. This was actually one aspect of his life that he felt he could control, and to have that taken away from him sent him into such a bad state of anxiety that he had to be hospitalized.
    Giving people as much control as possible over their own lives is important. I don't expect invading extraterrestrials care much about that, though!