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Friday, July 20, 2012

Recognized by Fellow Bloggers Part 1

Wow, nothing is neater than that!  Recognized by the people who struggle with all the same things I do while trying to write, break into this publishing world, be found on this humongous internet...and above all, trying to find an audience.

Writing is a lonely pastime.  And it's other writers who keep me going, inspire me with their own amazing writing, and offer a voice that helps me to get my bearings when I lose my way.

They (you) are much of the joy I find in the journey.

Without further ado...  Lorraine Paton awarded me the Lucky Seven meme.  She reads romance and writes romance. "Yes, it's that simple."  Lorraine is a wonderful writer!  Her characters all have this wonderful tension, and they are so fully fleshed out, the reader easily relates to them.  Her writing is fun.  Her characters can get into some zany situations, but it all turns out in the end. 

Thanks, Lorraine, for awarding me this. :-)

The Rules:  Post seven lines from an unpublished work of fiction by following these rules:
  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Post the next 7 lines or sentences on your blog as they are (no cheating, please!)
  • Tag 7 other authors to do the same.
My current WIP: working title, "Across The Night Sky" 

" May 20th in the park
I know the dream that I just had.  There was an old, green-eyed woman who appeared to me and said, “Remember”.  That was the exact word she used , Rayanne.  I know you don’t believe they are memories, but I can’t believe they’re not.  I was abducted.  And then there was a man.  He looked so familiar.  Christ, I know this part will sound crazy, but he doesn’t look familiar in a human way.  He’s not human, I’m sure.  But, I don’t know what he is. I’m frightened, and in some odd way that I can’t explain, I’m excited. I’m steeled to see these dreams through."

Now. to choose 7 writers :-)

Here goes:

Marcia aka Owllady  blogs at "Letter Go".  She's working on a novel that delves into the music industry. When I read her snippets, I feel as though I have a backstage pass. ;-)  She's a wonderful writer.  Visit her, comment, follow. We writers all like being shown that "writerlove" :-)

M.L. Falconer is a great writer.  What struck me rather quickly about him, though, is what a wonderful human being he is.  So kind, encouraging, and supportive of others in the writing community. And who couldn't love a guy who writes stories like "Squishing Whistle Pigs"? ;-) Stop and tell him hello. :-)

Daniela Renelt  writes Idiots and Earthquakes--a writer's blog.  She lives in Germany, and constantly amazes me with her non-native speaker skills in her writing.  She writes fantasy and scifi, and is currently working on a novel, "The Days Adrift".  Check out her writing and say "hello". Lovely person. :-)

Mackenzie Crowne blogs at Mac's Mad Mania.  But let me tell you, there's nothing mad about it, or her.Her posts are varied, and informative, even heart-touching.  She is such a strong woman. I've not "known" her long, either, but have been deeply inspired by her personal story.  Go make friends with her. She has a quick virtual smile and kind words for everyone. And don't forget to visit her Amazon page and check out her books. Mackenzie Crowne author page

L.J. Kentkowski  blogs at L.J. Writes.  Another shining example of what's great in the online writing community. If you see Mackenzie and M.L., L.J. probably isn't far. The three of them are very supportive of their fellow writers!  L.J. has a book available on Amazon: Guardian of Fate  Check her out and say "hello". 

The Sandras  at the I.O.U. Sex blog. Nope, I didn't just insert a naughty site here. This is the blog of authors Sandra Nachlinger and Sandra Allen. The two of them penned a wonderful, wonderful story titled (drum roll) "I.O.U. Sex" It is a sweet, funny, and touching story about three women in their sixties who've been friends since high school.   The Amazon book page--I did leave a review for this one, is here  Sandra Nachlinger is currently working on "Elly and the Geriatrics".  She posts Six Sunday snippets that are always funny. 

Paula Martin writes romance.  I recently read her newest release, ""Changing the Future" and loved it. I'm not a romance reader, but had read Six Sunday snippets and gave it a shot. Review worthy. :-)  Paula is a wonderful writer and I'd like to get a glimpse of seven from her next project. :-)

This was tough, narrowing down the seven.  I feel blessed to be networking with so many talented writers, but even better, so many good people.

And...M.L. chose me as one of his five for "The Next Best Thing" challenge.  He did a great job on his own.  No pressure here...no pressure. :-)  But it is a fun blog challenge, like this one.

If you'd like to be chosen as one of my five, let me know in a comment. I'll be doing that post in the next week.

Thank you for visiting!

Note*  Oy! lol...it really was just seven lines before I enlarged the font to make it easier to read...  Sheesh... lol...


  1. Thanks for including me in the Lucky Seven meme. I'm participating in Sweet Saturday Samples tomorrow, and it will probably be late afternoon before I'm able to post. It'll be fun to try something different!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! I'm glad you will participate. I look forward to reading it. :-)

  2. Many thanks, Teresa! I'll post my seven on Monday - hope you'll visit my blog then for a sneak preview into my current WIP :-)

    1. Woohoo! I will watch for your post--to get that sneak peek! :-)

  3. Thanks so much Teresa! I've actually done the Lucky Seven twice. It was so much fun, but I'm still working on the same WIP, so I wouldn't have a new 7 :( I'm very honored that you thought of me. Awesome seven! I love reading all of your excerpts :)

    1. Thanks, LJ. I'm never sure who has time to do these, and who doesn't. And I never take offense if someone simply doesn't dot hem. Time is finite, and doing what we have to do-and none of the extras, demands most of it. :-)

      Thanks for your kind words :-)

  4. Awe, Teresa, Thank you so much for the amazingly kind words. I'm very flattered by them. These little contests are enjoyable and I look forward to participating in this one. I'll shoot for my own post on Monday, 23rd.

    With every post you make I'm taken by your writing even more. These lines show your excellence at authentic dialog, it flows very naturally.

    1. ML, my hat is not going to fit, now. :-) Thank you for your kind words. :-) I'll check your blog --hope to catch your post. And if it looks like I missed it--please, stop and give me a yell! Life gets so busy. :-)

  5. Aww Teresa, you're such a sweetie.

    I've been something of a blog slug for the past few weeks. Apparently summertime travels turn me into a crazed maniac with spotty internet connection. (I'm pond scum for not getting to your Next Best Thing yet, ML) Sheesh! - but I'll find the time to catch up on posts sometime this week, before I take off for more summer fun in Denver. (I'll be seeing Mom and six of my seven sibs. Woo hoo! You know there won't be any work done with the clan gathering.)

    As for your seven, Teresa. Unexplained dreams, not quite human mystery men - Yep, you've got my attention.


    1. Oh wow--family reunion, summer fun in Denver! Good for you, Mac! Isn't it sad how as the years start to go by, we realize just how fleeting are the opportunities to have the whole family gathered under one roof? We never think about it when we are kids; we just know we'll always be able to get together. Time, distance, life...it all gets in the way.

      I hope you have a grand time--and make a bunch of beautiful memories ;-)

      Thank you so very much, Mac. :-) You are the sweetie :-)

  6. Hi Teresa, thank you again for the tag - I finally did it - the Lucky Seven Meme! Your seven are self-contained, which I love. There is something great about these short sentences of yours. I do find them truly persuasive, your style is excellent. :) Just one suggestion/comment: "Christ, I know this part will sound crazy (...)" Including figures of religion or our-world mythology implies that in your world, these religions/persons/beliefs do exist as well. I'm just saying this, because today I had to edit out phrases such as "for heaven's sake.." "damn" from my own draft. Huge facepalm - it never even crossed my mind! When there is neither heaven nor damnation in the story mythology, it wouldn't be a language convention to use these phrases either.

    1. You are welcome, Daearie. I know how busy you are and I'm glad you found time to do this.

      I thought about that, but decided that in the part of the book that are journal entries, she is existing in today's world, here on earth. (The italicized parts are the journal entries). And this shows me that the readers could be confused by that.

      In the dreams, on foreign worlds, I've tried to allow her to use Earth expressions and references to religious ideology. But for Cuylrh and his group, I chose expressions like "Giver above" and "in a blazing eternity" that conforms to their faith. Oh, and I made up the word "jeck" to be used as a very base, derogatory expletive. Took some pressure off--our characters need a few foul words to spew in heated moments. :-)

      I'll be over to check out your post!