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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors Teeshirts

I'm not much for promotion, but how else would you know? ~wink~ We've designed teeshirts through a company called  TeeSpring There are several styles/colors available.You order the shirt in the size, color, and style of your choosing. You set up your payment information with Teespring, either a card or via PayPal, and then if the goal is met, (we still have 49 to go) Teespring takes payment and they ship you your shirt. It's a limited edition, and available for only the next 20 days. We're selling them at the lowest price we can. No profit for wewriwa. :-) What a cool way to show off that you're a writer!:-)





  1. Sounds like poor Rayanne has had plenty of challenges,too. Hopefully that will make it easier for Marissa to open up to her.
    Cute t-shirts!

  2. Ordered mine! Enjoyed the snippet of course but went all "ooh shiny!" re the T shirt LOL.

  3. You can never go home.
    Will she be able to manage it?
    Looking forward to the answer.
    Nice 8!