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Sunday, April 26, 2020

WeWriWa: EU25

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.
     I hope you're all practicing safe social-distancing. And I really hope that none of you feel alone in this. We're all in it together...
   Sending out virtual hugs to all of you. <3
     Back to wewriwa.

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     This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story.  To read a compilation of all snippets posted for this story, click Here: Emmily Unbound, Chapter 1        Emmily, the main character, has lost pretty much everything in the last twelve months: her marriage, her parents, her job, and her house. She and her dog, Murphy, are moving to the mountains of Pennsylvania, into an old, remote, hunting camp her parents willed to her. After arriving at near dark, she saw someone in the woods at the edge of the yard. She's survived the night and had no intruders. She's decided to make a grocery run while the weather is nice. While waiting for her lunch, she discovers she's been noticed by a man in town, and he's heading her way. 
     There could be wonky punctuation to keep within wewriwa guidelines.
     Last week's snippet ended with:  Great…he’s peacocking. He takes his time getting into his truck.
    We're in the scene that changes everything. Here we go. ;-)  The snippet:


     After doing a U-turn in the middle of the road, he drives our way. It’s time to pick up our food. Lousy timing. I step out of my car just as he rolls up next to me. His smile is friendly, but something is off—his eyes linger far too long on places they shouldn’t.

     “Lost? Or are ya new around here?” He smells of beer and cigarettes.

     “Neither,” I say.

      He chortles—a laugh infused with a bit too much alcohol—then  says, “Did you come to look for the UFOs?”

       That's it for this week. Thanks for visiting! I am truly grateful for comments and suggestions, and for you taking the time to read it.

FYI...a photo that epitomizes social distancing at work. Our lunchroom usually has 16 chairs in it. This is what lunchtime looks like now--eating in shifts to allow 6 feet distance. I've started working through lunch...

I have noticed, though, that you can tell if people are smiling even if they're wearing masks...


  1. One of your comments about the lunchroom made me wonder if the coy signals common when women hid behind fans will make a comeback.

  2. Teresa, you have introduced an awful person but what the heck. We are all watching out for the bad one. Hugs to you, dear friend.

  3. I was uneasy just reading about him. But seems he has information he's going to share.

  4. She should respond, "No, AUA - to Avoid Unwanted Attention!" Creeps are everywhere but in her situation, she's wise to be uber cautious! As are you, my friend, in your work situation - AUV (Avoiding Unwanted Viruses!) Stay safe!

  5. I knew I didn't like that guy. But he's unknowingly feeding her some important information, right? Hope that's all he does.

  6. This guy is definitely bad news. I could feel her unease.

  7. Oh dear, super awkward encounter and I have a feeling it's not going to be easy for her to get away from him. Vivid descriptions. Excellent excerpt!

  8. LOL! Peacocking! Never seen the noun turned into a verb like that before but it is certainly evocative.

    Hope you are keeping well, Teresa. No need to separate tables in our lunchroom. Most of the staff are working at home with just a skeleton crew in the office these days.

  9. Oh, how I wish we got more than 10 sentences! So good!

    With these masks and social distancing, you'll become an expert at writing how people smile with their eyes. ;)

  10. She just wanted to grab food after a long day. Now she has to deal with this creep and UFOs. My eyes rolled for her. Love this interaction!

  11. Duh, she's gotta get away from him as soon as possible.

  12. And there's the reveal. So there's UFOs reportedly in the neighborhood. I guess we know where this is going now. :) Great story so far, Teresa! Looking forward to more.

  13. So descriptive! And I still love the use of peacocking. :)

  14. Loved the interaction. I hope she watches her back, and I'd totally move there to look for UFOs. I even have one tattooed on my arm :)

    A virtual hug to you too.

    Keep smiling,

  15. That lunchroom looks desolate. My appetite would definitely be off. Hang in there, Teresa. We'll get through this. I enjoyed the snippet. That guy is a creep.

  16. Eesshh. Nope. Knew he was no good. Hope she gets out of this one. ... And how much writing has been done in that room?

  17. Damn, I hope she can get out of there quickly. that guy doesn't bode well. I found a little ray of sunshine in knowing you can still tell when people smile even through their masks <3