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Saturday, May 2, 2020

WeWriWa: EU26


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.
     The County I'm in is lumped in with Pgh--so we have no lifting of the lockdown for the next couple of weeks yet. How about you? Has the six-foot separation become routine? In our state, we all must wear a mask when in public spaces, including any businesses that remain open--including our workplace. I really hope none of you feel alone in this. We're all in it together...
   Sending out virtual hugs to all of you. <3
     Back to wewriwa.

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     This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story.  To read a compilation of all snippets posted for this story, click Here: Emmily Unbound, Chapter 1        Emmily, the main character, has lost pretty much everything in the last twelve months: her marriage, her parents, her job, and her house. She and her dog, Murphy, are moving to the mountains of Pennsylvania, into an old, remote, hunting camp her parents willed to her. It's her first full day here, and she's in the tiny local town getting supplies. She's drawn the (unwanted) attention of a local, and he's trying to make conversation with her--about UFOs. He speaks first.
     There could be wonky punctuation to keep within wewriwa guidelines.
     We're in the scene that changes everything. Here we go. ;-)  The snippet:

     “They say something landed twenty miles from here, yonder, near East Ridge.” He jerks his head toward the direction from which I’ve come, toward the ridge my little cabin is snugged up against.

     “Really...UFOs?” This guy is taking yesterday’s news report way too seriously.

     “Yes ma’am. It’s what I been hearin’ all mornin’. Joe, over to the feed store, says his wife seen the lights when the thing come down.”

     “Imagine that.” How else do I reply to this? I mean, it’s intriguing but there’s always a rational explanation for these things.

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  1. But, *is* there a rational explanation this time?

  2. Great use of local dialect. So, is this real? Should she be scared? good snippet.

    Like you, we're still sheltering in place, must wear masks whenever we go outside. The governor lifted restrictions so some businesses can open. Still scary. My main concerns--not being able to hug my g'kids and desperately needing a haircut. lol

  3. I fear Emily is soon going to have to embrace the irrational idea that UFOs are real--and literally on her front porch!

    I'm still glad to shelter-in-place. I've been working from home so life has been sort of normal. With the end of the semester, however, I think that normalcy will change. A haircut is tops on my list too, Diane. :)

  4. Something isn't right with what the guy is saying. Trouble afoot and she better run fast. As for me, my daughter and granddaughter take very good care of me. Wahing hands is a big one. Pray this will somehow end...or what?

  5. the dialogue is great - Joe, over to the feed store says - I can hear him say it. I live in a rural area and that's how the news travels - from the feed store.

  6. There could be a rational explanation, but that doesn't mean the idea of aliens isn't going to be in her head when she's out there alone.

  7. I wouldn't exactly believe random creepy dude either. But now that he's planted the idea...what Jessica said.

  8. Hmmm, I have a feeling she's taking this way too casually but that is probably how a person would react to something like this. Excellent excerpt (and I feel like ominous things are just around the corner, which is great for keeping me reading!)

  9. Your dialogue is so descriptive in nature. I love that!

  10. At some time now, maybe in the next 2.5 minutes, she might start wondering about a possible connection between the odd things at her cabin and UFOs.

  11. Imagine that... just like Ed said. The connection and this guy is most likely making that insinuation. Not good.

  12. I would totally be running over to talk Joe about his wife. I mean if it's supposed to be near my cabin, I would want to know! Good snippet!

    Our province hasn't lifted the shelter in place or state of emergency yet. We aren't forced to wear masks outside but some people do and all shop workers have them. Our province said they may start lifting restrictions soon but salon's aren't on the list...so... like the other's I'm stuck trimming my own bangs and forcing my mop into a hair tie.

  13. Great banter. I'm sure she'll be thinking about aliens even if she thinks there is a good explanation. :)

  14. Love this, especially with those recent videos being leaked. I like that she’s curious, yet wants a rational explanation. Makes me wonder if the sense she’s getting from the woods may be aliens???

    Keep smiling,

  15. I wonder what her thoughts are. Does she believe there are UFO's? Does she think Joe is crazy?