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Sunday, October 25, 2020

WeWriWa: EU49




I'm back. :-) I was on a much-needed vacation with the family. We traveled to a house at the beach that we'd rented a year ago and made payments on. We used an abundance of caution while we drove there,. While we were there, the state we were in was added to my home state's "hotspot list."  My employer's guidelines insisted on a Covid test. I had it done. I'm negative.

FYI, they are using a new type of test that is self-administered, and from everything I've heard of the old test, is much less uncomfortable. (In case any of you need to be tested.) It was done in the drive-thru at a RiteAid pharmacy. 

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     This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story. 
To read a compilation of all snippets posted for this story, click Here: Emmily Unbound, Chapters 1 & 2  Emmily, the main character, has lost pretty much everything in the last twelve months: her marriage, her parents, her job, and her house. She and her dog, Murphy, have moved to the mountains of Pennsylvania into an old, remote, hunting camp her parents willed to her. On her first day there, along a desolate road she's been forced at gunpoint to haul a wounded man to her house.
My last post ended with this:  He's struggling with words. English is not his native language. I volunteer, “I have a first aid kit. It’s still in a box. I’ll have to find it.”
Now, the  snippet:

     After the briefest of pauses and one more time leaning his head to the side, he seems to understand. He says, “Hurry.”

As I walk toward the spare bedroom, he speaks again. When the woman nods at him and heads my way, I realize he’s telling her to follow me.

I find the kit on my third try; it’s in a box labeled for the bathroom. The moving carton also contains extra medicine-cabinet items and clean towels. I hand the kit to the woman and then grab the box. When I turn to follow her out the door, she 's standing in the same spot. She points to herself and says, “Jayla.” Then she points at me.

That's the snippet. A few more lines if you're interested...


 “Emmily,” I say, and then we hurry back to my parents’ room.

Maybe we are members of the sisterhood, after all. I really hope. Some feeling of having an ally would be good, even if it is that 'any port in a storm’ sort of stuff. 


That's the snippet.

     Has she found a tiny bright spot in all of this?

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The working blurb for this story follows: Tagline:
     Sometimes the simplest plan doesn’t turn out so simple...
     After losing everything that bound her to her ordinary and happy life, Emmily has one plan: move to the mountains. Oh, and never give her heart away again.
     But everything goes sideways when a UFO crash-lands on the ridge next to hers, and on a desolate road she’s waylaid by men demanding help for their injured ‘General’. He’s confused, bleeding, and sweet Lord, good looking—even while sneering and growling at her.
     Fleeing an ambush meant to kill him, Gen Rael is gravely injured when his ship crashes on Earth. The human woman his crew captures to aid them is a confounding mixture of terrified, defiant, and beautiful. A female distraction is the last thing his hindered mission can afford. But this Emmily woman is cutting through the steel wall he keeps around his heart.
     Despite being their hostage, Emmily isn’t blind to the peril they’re in: there’s a threat coming from the stars, and it’s lethal to all of them, including her.
     And her simple plan to never-ever fall in love again? Looks like that’s in peril too…
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  1. Enjoyed the snippet. It's nice that apparently at least one of her 'visitors' wants to be friendly...

  2. It's always good to find even a minimal ally. And the other woman was the first one to reach out so maybe this is a good thing. Great snippet!

  3. OK, so she's not going to be allowed out of their sight!

    And welcome back. Glad you tested negative. I had a cold earlier this week and took a test (also negative). The swab was not painful, but very uncomfortable.

    1. Glad you were negative too, Ian!

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. Hopefully she's found an ally, but I'm not holding my breath.
    Hope you had a good vacation. Glad you tested negative.

  5. It's good that they've found some way to communicate, even if it's not perfect.

    Glad you had a chance to get away, and that when you came back and had the test there were no issues!

  6. First off - yay for vacation and double yay for negative! An ally would be great- even the any port in a storm kind.

  7. By finding a possible ally, she got some first aid for her spirits as well as some first aid for her spirits.

    Also, I'm glad you're feeling negative.

    1. That comment didn't come out right. The last
      couple words should 'for his physical wounds.'

    2. Gotcha!

      Thanks for visiting, Ed!

  8. Fun snippet. Great to see intergalactic relations moving forward.

  9. The "swab your brain" test is not pleasant, so I'm glad you were able to do the alternative one. And happy that you made it back safely and COVID-less.

  10. They are trying to communicate. That seems like a good sign.