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Saturday, October 31, 2020

WeWriWa: EU50



Hello fellow warriors. :-) I'm sorry about the late visits to your blogs.(I'm still making the rounds.) Last Sunday, my computer took a nosedive. The problem seems to be fixed now. Fingers crossed. 

Ed mentioned Charmaine's absence, and wondered where she'd vanished to. I spoke with her daughter. Charmaine had a medical setback and is now going through rehab. She misses you all and hopes you don't forget her. She's working hard and wants us to save a place for her so she can return to wewriwa when she's recovered. <3


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     This snippet is from Emmily, Unbound, an SFR story. 
To read a compilation of all snippets posted for this story, click Here: Emmily Unbound, Chapters 1 & 2  Emmily, the main character, has lost pretty much everything in the last twelve months: her marriage, her parents, her job, and her house. She and her dog, Murphy, have moved to the mountains of Pennsylvania into an old, remote, hunting camp her parents willed to her. On her first day there, along a desolate road she's been forced at gunpoint to haul a wounded man to her house.
My last post ended with this:  Maybe we are members of the sisterhood, after all. I really hope. Some feeling of having an ally would be good, even if it is that 'any port in a storm’ sort of stuff. 
Now, the  snippet: 

     Leaving the small bedroom, I nearly run into one of the other guys. He's carrying the groceries inside. His brows furrow as we pass. Worry

     As soon as we come through the door of my parents’ room, Kade starts rifling through the supplies we’ve brought. He doesn’t look up from his search when he says, “Hot water. Boiling. We need it.”


     “What...what is …shit?”

That's the snippet. A few more lines if you're interested...



      “I don’t have the water turned on. I was going to do the dishes when I got home. But you guys—”

      His eyebrows arch high. He gives his head a quick shake as if to clear his brain or to understand what I’ve just babbled about. “I need water.” This time he sounds aggravated. “Your dishes are irrelevant. Get me water.”


That's the snippet.


The working blurb for this story follows: Tagline:
     Sometimes the simplest plan doesn’t turn out so simple...
     After losing everything that bound her to her ordinary and happy life, Emmily has one plan: move to the mountains. Oh, and never give her heart away again.
     But everything goes sideways when a UFO crash-lands on the ridge next to hers, and on a desolate road she’s waylaid by men demanding help for their injured ‘General’. He’s confused, bleeding, and sweet Lord, good looking—even while sneering and growling at her.
     Fleeing an ambush meant to kill him, Gen Rael is gravely injured when his ship crashes on Earth. The human woman his crew captures to aid them is a confounding mixture of terrified, defiant, and beautiful. A female distraction is the last thing his hindered mission can afford. But this Emmily woman is cutting through the steel wall he keeps around his heart.
     Despite being their hostage, Emmily isn’t blind to the peril they’re in: there’s a threat coming from the stars, and it’s lethal to all of them, including her.
     And her simple plan to never-ever fall in love again? Looks like that’s in peril too…
        That's it for this week. Thank you so much for visiting and for reading. :-)



  1. Hot water sounds like a logical request when there's a medical emergency. But then, these dudes are aliens. Who knows what they want water for.

    As for Charmaine, the fact that people are asking about her shows she still has a place here.

  2. I agree that dishes are irrelevant in this situation. But, that comment shows how nervous she is about this whole situation.

    Thank you for the update on Charmaine! I've been wondering, too.

  3. Personally, I always thought dirty dishes were irrelevant.
    Thank you for the update are Charmaine - like Ed said - she we are all missing and worried about her shows she does have a place here waiting for her.

  4. Dishes are irrelevant, but I think she's trying to say that the reason she doesn't have what they want right now is because of their disruption to her life. It's a small and fairly pointless bite back, but entirely understandable under stress.

  5. Shock can make a person behave strangely and focus on things that seem unimportant. In 2013, there was a flood in the Boulder area. I was working in Boulder at the time. The area I lived in Lafayette was getting a hard rain but I didn't know how serious things were in Boulder. As I approached work, it became obvious that I should have called off, but I couldn't turn around. As I went over a bridge where there was normally no water underneath, a large wave rolled across the bridge and slammed into the side of my car. I managed to stay on the road, but I was terrified that I was going to be washed into the huge, choppy lake to the right of me; a lake that normally didn't exist.
    The logical thing to do when I got to work would have been to change to my work clothes and start helping, as the place was in chaos. I did not do that. I walked like a zombie to the locker room, put on my swimsuit, and went to work out in the therapy pool, as I did most nights before work. As I was doing water aerobics, I heard the transformer blow outside and the lights went out. I made my way back to the locker room and was showering in the dark before the generator kicked in.
    To go to the therapy pool was a bizarre choice on my part and many people would probably say "what a selfish bitch, only thinking of herself and not the chaos around her." But I was in shock.
    I tell this long-winded tale to illustrate the way that shock can make a person focus on a mundane thing in order not to break down.
    I had a very difficult time writing for about a month after the flood happened. I believe I was experiencing survivor guilt because many people lost everything they owned and some lost their lives. I survived my car being slammed into by that wave, and I couldn't understand why me. I did not suffer any significant loss. I felt like I did not deserve to indulge myself with writing when so many people had lost so much.
    I am finally starting to understand, nearly 56 years into this life, that for me writing is not an indulgence or a hobby. It is a survival tool.

  6. I'm so glad Charmaine is doing better. Thanks for letting us know.

    I'm enjoying your story and how it is unfolding. Interesting characters and the banter seems natural in the situation. Can't wait for more.

  7. And I'm wondering if turning on the water might an opportunity for her to escape.

    Thanks for updating us on Charmaine. I was just about to email you about her.

  8. Thanks for the update on Charmaine! I enjoyed your snippet. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to manage, like water. I will say though, as far out in the country as she is, wouldn't she have a well?

  9. If the water's been off for a while, it's probably gonna be rather not clear when it comes back on. I'm betting that won't make him too happy. Great snippet.

  10. Love ending the snippet with shit. Keeps us guessing. And water is so central to life, so great place to play. Great snippet.

  11. A quick humorous moment in a tense situation when she says shit. I'm enjoying this story very much. I think she's doing a remarkable job of holding everything together.

  12. Glad to hear Charmaine is working again and praying for a speedy recovery. She is definitely missed from our Warrior family.

    We can see that its not only humans that water is essential for life. Let's hope that she can get the water on before they get upset at its unavailability.