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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Weekend Writing Warriors: Across the Night Sky 31


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I'm working on edits for Emmily, Unbound--the book I've been sharing excerpts from for a long time. While I'm doing that, I'm going to share snippets from a WIP entitled Across the Night Sky. 

This is an Alien Abduction Romance.

Marissa, abducted human, 20-something, is with an injured 'alien' man, Kuylerh. I'm in a new chapter. Kuylerh's rescue has arrived and once again, she's being abducted, but this time it's by his group.The man ordered to carry her is not happy about it.She's just had something used on her to subdue her.

Last week's snippet ended with:  Only one thing seemed sure in her befuddled brain: There was no way she should get in that thing. No way.


The snippet:


But into the plane she went. As they strapped her into a reclined seat, her head lolled just right so she could watch the older man helping Kylerh into the seat next to her.

 He touched her hand and spoke.The quiet calm of his voice and the way his head dipped added up to some sort of apology. She couldn’t respond. She couldn’t even blink. Oh no…  Droll ran from her mouth.

What shame was next? What bodily functions did she still control? And worse, which didn’t she? 

While the old guard took a seat at what had to be the controls, her thoughts became a silent prayer. Please, wake me from this nightmare.


That's the snippet. Thank you so much for visiting. This is a WIP so comments are especially appreciated. :-)



  1. That last sentence made me laugh out loud! Nothing like a little indignity to lighten the mood. Great snippet, Teresa!

  2. That must be awful not knowing what bodily functions you controlled or didn't. I so sympathize with her. Great snippet! Tweeted.

  3. Funny, although it might be too realistic for public eyes!

  4. Oh no. Everyone's nightmare. Tweeted.

  5. I agree with Aurora, this remark is more 'earthy' details than romance usually includes. Readers don't read scifi romance for reality to intrude too much. I'd leave it at her wondering what she can and can't control. (The drool wasn't attractive either.)