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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Weekend Writing Warriors: DK 3-19-23

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I've jumped back to Lily's story formerly referred to as Dai Klavven. That name is changing, but I haven't chosen the new name yet. For the time being, it will remain just 'DK'. 

So, moving forward. I'm working on finishing DK.  In this excerpt--the setup: Lily has been saved from the Bulragers by a "Sand" named Theusand. Sands can speak mind to mind. They are still traveling toward Theusand's home world, Tebrig, on the ship Lily was imprisoned on, but she's no longer in the lower level as a prisoner. She and Theusand are visiting a remote world where people are in hiding. Tonight, after dinner, they sit around in candlelight, telling stories and imbibing. The peaceful mood has been shattered.

Last week's snippet ended with: Without warning, a thunderous voice boomed, shattering the tranquility. "Then evil came to our lands!” "

As Lily straightened herself after nearly falling off her cushion, she glanced around at others doing the same. At least she wasn’t the only one startled half to death. 

Theusand’s words filtered into her mind. “That is Narge. Every moment of his life is dominated by anger over the home he lost.”

When Narge continued, his voice was lower, but he gestured wildly with his hands, his facial expressions went from frightened to fierce.  “The Bulragers, a cruel and greedy race of slavers, came from the sky, from our beautiful blue sky. They captured a great number of our people and hauled them away, out into the stars. Forcibly, the diaspora of our people had begun again.

“They dragged children from their mothers’ arms, and beat and chained their fathers for trying to protect their families.

“Then the invaders scorched our land and destroyed our crops to force us into nonresistance. We prayed for the evil, the pain, the death... to stop.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading, and if you leave a comment, thank you so much! :-)


  1. Whoa! Powerful scene! What a great way to get backstory in.

  2. How horribly brutal and sad. Tweeted. My link is broken - https://daryldevore.blogspot.com/2023/03/with-each-movement-white-light-grew_02023260774.html

  3. It's horrible. But Lily has experienced the same on her home.

  4. I love your writing. So descriptive and poignant. His story really grabbed my heart.

  5. Yikes. Powerful scene. Good to have you back, boss.

  6. The thunderous voice startles not just the listeners in the story but the readers as well. We must pay attention and therefore know exactly what happened to another world,like what happened to Earth in the story. So well done! Tweeted.

  7. Ooh, a dark snippet today. Love your writing. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

  8. Great snippet. No wonder he's consumed with anger. Bad things happened indeed.