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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Weekend Writing Warriors: March 26, 2023

Happy spring!  Happy last weekend in March. Welcome to a weekly post of Weekend Writing Warriors. If you'd like to check it out or give it a try, click here to go to wewriwa.blogspot.com

I've jumped back to Lily's story formerly referred to as Dai Klavven. That name is changing, but I haven't chosen the new name yet. For the time being, it will remain just 'DK'. 

So, moving forward. I'm working on finishing DK.  In this excerpt--the setup: Lily has been saved from the Bulragers by a "Sand" named Theusand. Sands can speak mind to mind. They are still traveling toward Theusand's home world, Tebrig, on the ship Lily was imprisoned on, but she's no longer in the lower level as a prisoner. She and Theusand are visiting a remote world where people are in hiding. Tonight, after dinner, they sit around in candlelight, telling stories and imbibing. 

Last week's snippet ended with: “Then the invaders scorched our land and destroyed our crops to force us into nonresistance. We prayed for the evil, the pain, the death... to stop.

“Instead, the Jophraths came, our worst nightmare, cruel beyond belief. They mined our beautiful world for every mineral they could haul. Sucking entire lakes dry, they annihilated the grasses and the flowers, the trees and the animals.

"The Bulragers rented our people to them for labor, and then they worked them to their final breath.

His hands clenched into fists when he directed a hard look at Elder Spense. “Love and forgiveness will not bring back our garden." Then he looked around the room as he continued.  "Besides, that ilk would simply come and destroy us all over again. That is, if the Bulragers don’t find our scattered survivors first.”

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading, and if you leave a comment, thank you so much! :-)


  1. intense background details. no surprise there's a lot of anger

  2. "Love and forgiveness will not bring back our garden." I absolutely get it. I hope they will find some peace at some point though.

  3. No, there will be no let bygones be bygones here - and rightfully so. Great scene!

  4. Very tense and anger filled. Hoping he finds peace, but guessing that will be much later in the story. Tweeted.

  5. And now we know why they are so filled with anger, and rightly so. I hope they are able to find peace eventually. Moving scene. Tweeted.

  6. You can feel the rage in his words. Great snippet

  7. I'd like to see more of this story, although it is dark.

  8. Thanks for consistently delivering high-quality and engaging content.

  9. I enjoyed reading your ppost