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Monday, April 14, 2014

A to Z: M is for Myriad

I like the word. Myriad. I think it might even make a nice name. Wonder if it'll ever catch on. Seems masculine...

Myriad... I was thinking about the word relative to a writer's world. Writers do myriad things. We write. We edit. We promote. We network. We blog. We reach out to help other writers. Looks like there's at least three or four full times jobs associated with being a writer. A myriad of writing related things to do. And that comes on top of that other job we all have, one way or the other, and still trying to squeeze a wee bit of a life in there somewhere.

And then we throw in something like the April challenge. :-)

I just want to shout, "You're all my heroes, by gawd! You get it done!"

And, this is such a seat of the pants post because April turned unexpectedly crazy, so I have less time to devote to serious posts.

Yikes! I didn't mean "serious" as in having no fun. I meant serious as in having something worthwhile to offer. A reason for my visitors to slow down and read.Now I feel guilty. So, here goes...

Myriad is one of those words, you know? It causes trouble; people want to say, "A myriad of", and then someone wants to correct them. But, here's the thing. Myriad actually is a noun. And it's an adjective, too. So it's okay to say "A myriad of ways you can use the word." And it's also okay to say, "It can be used in Myriad ways."

I think, from what I've recently read, the noun use is pretty popular. If you hanker to use the word, I guess it's personal preference how you work it in to your writing.

And, since I still have myriad things to do before bedtime, I bid you all adieu. And  a great day tomorrow. :-)

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  1. myriad is an awesome word - and a great sci fi name! i went through some past letters... no music for me, silence! needless to say i don't get much writing done at home with three rowdy boys... and i liked the handwriting post - our language does evolve, doesn't it LOL (i never use that, but it fit here! =)
    happy a to z-ing!

    1. Three boys might put a hitch in your writing plans, Tara. Especially if you prefer silence. They grow up so fast, though...

      You can LOL on this blog anytime. :-)

      Thanks for visiting. :-)

  2. I love the word Myriad as well and I'll tell you why... because MANY, MANY years ago when I was young (I am now almost 55) I got a beautiful letter of reference from a job I left because I moved to another country (Sweden) and the letter used the word Myriad to describe my capabilities and versatility... well no wonder I "grew up" to be a writer...because as you so aptly asserted it does describe what we do so well ! Great #a2zchallenge post ... I am at http://4covert2overt.blogspot.com/

    1. What a wonderful way to remember that word!

      I understand the MANY MANY concept. lol. We're the same age. Thanks for visiting, MCV!

  3. my comment won't be as long as the other cause I have a myriad of shit to do - yes it is a good word I'll try and use it sometime. I did all my posts in March so I just schedule and not think. Sometimes I go back to see what I wrote :D

    1. Hahahahaha "...a myriad of shit to do..." Oh my--couldn't have said it better. :-) Thanks, Susan! lol

  4. Hi Teresa; "Myriad" just happens to be one of my favourite words. ☺ I don't know how you and others manage to participate in the A to Z Challenge, PLUS your other activities like WeWriWa. I'm afraid I've had to give that up for the duration. Even though I pre-wrote most of the posts, it's still so time-consuming to visit and comment. Good luck with your myriad tasks. Cheers!
    Debbie @ The Doglady's Den

    1. Glad you like the word!

      How I'm doing it is falling behind and getting not enough sleep this month. Oy! lol. What was I thinking? This challenge would have to go before wewriwa. :-) But I'm just barely keeping my heard above water. You are wise to focus on just one. Cheers backatcha! Thanks for visiting!