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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A to Z: N is for Narrative Poetry.

Narrative poetry, simply put, is a poem that tells a story. I was going to copy "Cremation of Sam McGee", but somehow it seemed to not be in the spirit of the A to Z. So, I wrote this. I know. It's long. So if you don't read it, I get it :-)  Just say hello and I'll be happy. :-)

What Goes Around, Goes Around

His daddy was a God-fearin' man
unyielding as a mighty oak,
His mama was weak and cowering,
while daddy hitched her to his yoke.
She had baby after baby after baby
to do the chores and tend his land.
And he whipped them for disobeying him and the Lord,
by belt, by switch, by hand.
Stantis learned to hide his tears deep,
where he'd have hid his smile if he had one.
Till his heart was hard as a Freeport brick,
And he'd stopped wondering what wrong he'd done.
He lit out on a Sunday morning,
when he should'a been sittin' in a pew,
putting shoe leather to the road
till he was long past outta view.
The oil fields in Titusville took him.
And he was living in Pithole City,
A filthy place full of money changers
Nothin' bout it was pretty.
Though he'd never mistreat a woman,
he had no use for those doe-eyed whores,
or cocksure drunks with big mouths and no money.
He used them to mop up the floors.
A year and a half after he got there,
The oil dried up overnight.
The town shuttered up and moved to Oklahoma.
But he stayed there out of spite.
He took what was left of his money,
and bought some newly worthless land,
and found a meek and cowering woman,
And before God, took her hand.
She had baby after baby after baby
to do chores and work his ground.
And he whipped them for disobeying him and the Lord.
Tis true. What goes 'round keeps goin' around...

Copyright 2014 by Teresa K Cypher

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Oh, and I found a good post about Narrative ...POV. :-) It's a tad on the foul-mouthed side, but it's explained well.

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  1. What a wonderful poem. Though I have to say, sad. I hoped beyond hope Stantis would be a different kind of man. Good luck with the remaining Letters!

    1. I know. Would that we all break the chains of learned foul behavior. Thanks for visiting, Ann. ;-)

  2. I enjoyed the link. And yes second person can be used well. And as you know narrative poetry is something I enjoy as well

    1. I don't do much with second person, Susan. You are certainly a poet. I used to write a lot of it. Not so much now... Wish I had more time. Thanks for visiting!

  3. This was quite a story and it's just aching to be set to music. Would make a GREAT country song! Sad but true; most people are doomed to repeat the mistakes of their elders.

  4. Haha! Never gave it a thought! A tear in my beer song. Nice :-)

    I think I was leaving a comment on your blog while you were leaving one on mine!

    Thanks for the visit!

  5. Narrative poetry I can get behind. Could be that I'm hard-wired for stories, I guess. :)