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Saturday, December 7, 2019

WeWriWa: EU8

     Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where we share snips and bits of amazing tales by talented authors and writers. Each week, participants sign up HERE at wewriwa.com then post 8 to 10 sentences of their work, published or unpublished (we like it all) on their own blog to go live by 9:00 AM each Sunday. Then we visit each other and read and comment, critique, encourage--all those things that do a solitary writer's heart good.
Snippet Sunday group from facebook, not us, but many of our participants do both, is HERE 

     This snippet if from  Emmily, Unbound, a contemporary romance with scifi elements. It's in First-person.  
     There could be wonky punctuation to keep within the #wewriwa guidelines. Emmily, the main character has lost pretty much everything in the last twelve months. She and her dog, Murphy, are moving to an old hunting camp her dad and mom willed to her. She's listening to the radio for distraction, and the Deejays have just gone on and on about a possible UFO sighting.

     This is chapter one. Last week's snippet ended with this:   A shiny, black SUV barreling by the other direction crowds us, but lane-hogging isn’t hard to do since the paved surface is only about one and a half cars wide.
     The snippet: 
     We travel another two miles and then turn left onto Hemlock Hollow Road. Cellphone reception is gone, along with the navigation. That’s okay. We’re so close; I’ll watch for the sign.

     I’m surprised the road isn’t paved; I guess this is still the boondocks.

     Another large black vehicle sails past. I look in my side-view mirror and see that its license reads, “Official Business.” I wonder if the last one had government plates, too.

The trees cast long shadows eastward, reminding me the day is growing late. I close the windows to the deepening chill.
      I'm looking for Beta-readers--if anyone is interested, I'll send you a copy. Email me at cypherbuss at yahoo dot com
 That's it for this week.  Thanks for visiting! I am truly grateful for comments, suggestions, and for you taking the time to read it.


  1. Oh, those vehicles sound like bad news. She may not be far away from the hunting camp, but will she be able to get there? Wonderfully intriguing!

  2. Definitely an ominous sign to see TWO official vehicles on this deserted road and both in a hurry...but an effective device for getting the reader concerned for her! Well done snippet...

  3. I sense she's driving into trouble and she's still almost oblivious.

  4. Those large black vehicles sound ominous. What does she think about them?

  5. Large black vehicles with official plates this far off the grid? Something is up and it ain't the sky---well, maybe it's come from the sky! Getting more and more exciting!

  6. Official plates and an unpaved road. Sounds dangerous!

  7. I want a fancy Official Business license plate! :D This is getting more and more intriguing. Can't wait for the next installment!

  8. Considering the UFO sighting, I guess the Feds have to check it out. Does she remember the news announcement? Good job adding that bit of mystery.