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Saturday, February 2, 2013

What Makes The Boy Attractive?

February and writers. The month of love.  And here we are, all about hearts, roses, red, pink and white, and keen on love.  I'm there. I like a little romance in my stories.  I'd go so far to say that I'm not much into a story that doesn't include at least some romance.  Love...it does, cliche as it sounds, make the world go round.

So, as a writer, and always looking to deepen the well of experience and information from which I draw,  I find myself making observations about romance.  What makes people love each other, what makes a couple stay together, what makes them fall apart?  Fascinating.  The most fascinating to me--what are the laws of attraction that work on two people in the beginning?  The body language, the fine nuances and subtle gestures. I mean, what does someone do before a word is even spoken, that turns a head?   Seems there are a zillion different things for a zillion different romantics.

So, I watch, like today when we took Nattie, our five year old granddaughter, to the mall for her soft pretzel.  And, you can't really come right out and ask people, you know. None of this information comes easily. Well, most of the time it doesn't come easily, except today, after we got home from the mall.

Spurred by a little bird who told me, I asked  Nattie, "Do you have a boyfriend at preschool?"

She grinned and then shyly drew back while she said, "Yes. Carson."  Her blues eyes sparkled with devilment and magic.  

Ahhh...even little humans--when smitten behave like silly souls, while contemplating attraction.

I chuckled while my inner voice asked, "Five??? Five years old??"

I asked her, "What do you and a boyfriend do at preschool?"

As if I'd asked the silliest question ever, she replied, "Play. We play, Grammie."

"Oh. Well, that's a good thing to do. Do that as long as you can."

She continued working on glittering Valentines for her aunt, a whole bag full of them, and then she said in a voice that made me realize she was sharing a serious piece of information, "Julie and I were talking today, and you know what? Carson snaps."

"Carson does what?"

"He snaps. None of the other boys do it, but he does." Her expression had gone from sparkly-eyed magic to googley-eyed gushing.

 "Snaps," My fingers flews through the air while I snapped them, "Like this? He snaps his fingers?"

"Yes. He snaps."

It was a revelation to me. lol. The laws of attraction had spoken and the ability to "snap"  was now added to my well of possibilities.  Pretty interesting observation.  Snapping sent their hearts all aflutter.

Duke Ellington tells it best :-)

Yeah...I can see it.


  1. That's lovely. :) I think it's smart to watch out for snapping. And if Carson tilts his head while he does it, he must be a really cool guy. :)

    1. lol...I love the part about tilting the head! Too funny (and cool). :-) Thanks for giving it a read, dearie ;-)

  2. Well, snapping is the ultimate cool thing to do, then. Who knew? :-) Great post and enjoyed the video, as well.

  3. what makes anything attractive to you is you ... you are what you see in others that is already in you ... what you don't have in you (you think), you do not see in others (you think) and yet you may still be attracted to others since they would have seen that something in you that is already in them and still yet you may not have been aware of it in you cause you have not looked into you looking for that or wishing to see that ... you are endless possibilities only discovering each bits and pieces of you day by day, one at a moment or sometimes all or many at a moment ... discovery, revelation starts and ends with you in you ... :)

    1. Excellent post, Cemil. Descartes--highly evolved. :-)

  4. How sweet! "Love" is so simple at that age. What great advice to her, to keep it that way as long as she can.

    1. Hi ED, yeppers, it is so simple. Maybe we complicate it in many needless ways. Thanks for giving it a read. :-)