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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Wewriwa: EU5

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where we share snips and bits of amazing tales by talented authors and writers. Each week, participants sign up HERE at wewriwa.com then post 8 to 10 sentences of their work, published or unpublished (we like it all) on their own blog to go live by 9:00 AM each Sunday. Then we visit each other and read and comment, critique, encourage--all those things that do a solitary writer's heart good.
Snippet Sunday group from facebook, not us, but many of our participants do both, is HERE 
     This snippet if from  Emmily, Unbound, a contemporary romance with scifi elements. It's in First-person.  
     There could be wonky punctuation to keep within the #wewriwa guidelines. Emmily, the main character has lost pretty much everything in the last twelve months. She and her dog, Murphy, are moving to an old hunting camp her dad and mom willed to her. She's listening to the radio--for distraction, and the Deejays have just gone on and on about a possible UFO sighting. 
     This is chapter one, after a scene break.  
The snippet: 
        It’s been hours and hours since we started out. Hilltops lift higher, now true Appalachian Mountains. Surprisingly, my mood is lifting along with them.
     I fiddle with the radio and finally find a station. It’s fuzzy, but I do hear a man talking about the phenomenon in the sky last night. He claims the regional airport picked up something on radar, but then he back-pedals. “Officially, it was a weather balloon.”

     “The weather balloon story again? But since I’ve never seen a UFO, I honestly have no idea what they look like."

Yeah. That cut off mid-para. :-)
 That's it for this week. Thanks for visiting! I am truly grateful for comments, suggestions, and for you taking the time to read it.


  1. A weather balloon. uh huh. Sure. ;) Good snippet

  2. Everything is a weather balloon, do weather balloon ever exist because I never saw one.
    I'm just they look like UFO if you don't know what they are.

  3. I agree with the others about weather balloons. Yeah, right. Love her attitude.

  4. Weather balloons are amazing - I moderated a NASA discussion on one once (not that I'm am expert or even a tech person, I was just supposed to watch the time and recognize questioners to speak LOL). But yeah, EVERY UFO isn't a weather balloon, or swamp gas....in my opinion. Loved the excerpt!

  5. You'd think the men in black would come up with a better story than weather balloon! Lots of fun foreshadowing going on.

  6. Your foreshadowing is working just dandy. At this point, it's pretty clear she'll have an encounter of the close kind with this whatever-it-is.

  7. Ed is right. The foreshadowing is really good.

  8. I agree with everyone else about the foreshadowing - and I'm dying to know what that 'weather balloon' really is!

  9. P.S. Forgot to register on the WeWriWar site this week. Mine's up at the usual https://hywelalyn.blogspot.com

  10. A weather balloon is a convenient cover if the officials don't know what the heck it is--and they obviously don't. But I think Emmily is going to find out! Great story building here!

  11. Such a beautiful description of the scenery. I remember road trips, back before traffic became too awful for them to be fun. Finding radio stations along the way was part of the adventure.